Patio design

Patio design can do many things for your yard. It can act as a transition element, a supporting landscape element, or a major zone of interest in its own respect.

Patios can also be any size you need them to by. They can also be built out of whatever materials best support your Houston landscaping design. Common examples include pavers, flagstone, brick, stone, concrete, and decorative concrete. There have even been occasions where we have built wooden patios very similar to decks, but more central to key landscape points and more connected to a variety of zones of interest.

We often use patio design as a transitional element between two zones of interest. If you have a wide space to one side of your home, for example, a patio and courtyard can be created to work as a sort of entry garden that introduces your guests to your backyard.

Patios built adjacent to a rear entrance to the home help transition its architecture into the surrounding softscape. These small patios are very important to couples who want a private space just big enough for two where they can sit in the mornings and late evenings and enjoy a relaxing conversation.

Houston patio design is also an important part of garden design. Many large gardens require a central gathering area in order for guests to fully appreciate their entirety. Small patios surrounding statuary, custom fountains, or stone benches are used in these gardens to create a central focal point where people can relax and enjoy the garden from within.


In many cases too, a patio is used as a supporting element that enhances a major landscape element. A swimming pool is the element we most readily visualize when we think of something supported by a patio. Very few pools are built without some kind of surrounding hardscape. A pool patio creates a place for people to gather around the pool comfortably. It also links architecture, garden design, and other elements of softscape to the pool itself.

Another element that is typically supported by Houston patio design is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen does not technically need a patio, but it is much nicer to have one that includes an outdoor dining area where you can enjoy dinner in a shaded, open air environment.

There are other elements as well that integrate patios into their central structure. Outdoor fireplaces and courtyards depend on the presence of a seating area that will provide ample room to accommodate an anticipated number of guests. The decorative patterns in the materials used to build these structures serves as further reinforcement of the home as the central figure of Houston landscaping design.

Finally, patio design is often used to create an entirely new zone of interest unique unto itself. Morning gardens, for example, are basically patios with fountains in the center surrounded by garden plants.

Sometimes front yard patios are built to create a visitation spot for passing neighbors that politely keeps them from coming inside or inviting themselves to the pool.

In modern landscaping and contemporary landscaping, custom patios are built in far reaches of the yard to create outdoor art galleries where people can enjoy dinner and drinks in an eclectic setting.

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Custom Patio

Design ranks at the highest level of importance when it comes to building a custom patio in your yard. This is because a hardscape is basically a type of flooring. Just as a floor inside your house provides a foundation for lifestyle and activity, so too does the hardscape outside of your house create a foundation for an outdoor lifestyle that you are spending a great deal of time and

Patio Ideas

Patio ideas are based on the various purposes your patios serve in your landscape design. Both the size and the location of any hardscape is determined by the function you intend to use it for, and by whom it is intended to be used. There are patios that are built exclusively for public gatherings where your guests will spend the majority of their time. Other patios are made exclusively for

Paver Patio Design

Pavers are pre-cast or pre-cut blocks used to create hardscape surfaces. They can be made of stone, concrete, or masonry and can come in any color, shape, or size. This diversity allows you to have any number of paver patio designs in your front or back yard. Not only does this enrich your landscape, but it also works to better compliment your home. The many patterns that you create can

Flagstone Patio Design

Many different kinds of Houston homes and Houston landscapes can be supported by flagstone patio design. If you are looking for something unique, beautiful, and durable, then flagstone should definitely be something you consider investing in. While it carries a higher price point than other types of Houston patios, a flagstone patio can provide you with decades of aesthetics and functionality that few other materials can provide. There are a

How Hardscape Design Compliments Houston Homes

Hardscape design compliments homes in three ways. First, it mirrors key motifs of architecture in a way that magnify home significance. Secondly, it adds a functional aspect to Houston landscaping design. Things like walls, decks, outdoor fireplaces, walkways, stone staircases, retaining walls, and patios all do something practical for the homeowner. Thirdly, it links the home to softscape elements such as gardens, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses The most important

Pathway Design

Pathway design makes the yard feel bigger than it is. It also indicates where the most significant destination points on the landscape are located. Paths are entertaining in their own respect. Many outdoor events would not be nearly as fun without a walk down lighted pathways that wind through each zone of interest in the yard. Whereas walkways are fixed hardscapes that typically follow a linear progression, paths deliberate meander

Split Level Decks

Split level decks consist of two primary levels. The upper level is normally accessible from at least two locations inside the home. The lower level of the deck can be accessed from the ground floor by stairs. Decks like this are longer than they are wide, stretching along the side of the house more than protruding outward from its walls. Partnership with a Houston landscaping professional is necessary to get

Ground Level Decks for Houston Landscape Plans

A ground level deck is a superb addition to the curb appeal of any Houston landscaping plan. It can equally compliment a single story home or a multi-story home because it works as a horizontal extension of the architecture of a house rather than an adjunct to its vertical impact. This allows Houston deck design specialists from Exterior Worlds to create some very unique forms that intimately link homes to

How you can Use an Exterior Fireplace to Create a Special small

How you can Use an Exterior Fireplace to Create a Special Small Group Environment at Large Outdoor Parties Although you have invested great time and expense in planning the party of the decade in your back yard, you need to be mindful that not all of your guests are comfortable in large crowds. This is where an exterior fireplace can make everyone feel warm and welcome. Such an environment is

Outdoor Fireplaces for Houston Landscaping Designs

Outdoor fireplaces add curb appeal to any Houston landscaping design. As both functional and decorative elements, they add a sense of completion to any outdoor room. During the warm months of the year, they can be fitted with gas lanterns that create the illusion of firelight without adding to the heat of Texas summer nights. During the winter, they can make even the dampest and coldest of nights warm and