How Hardscape Design Compliments Houston Homes

Hardscape design compliments homes in three ways.
First, it mirrors key motifs of architecture in a way that magnify home significance. Secondly, it adds a functional aspect to Houston landscaping design. Things like walls, decks, outdoor fireplaces, walkways, stone staircases, retaining walls, and patios all do something practical for the homeowner. Thirdly, it links the home to softscape elements such as gardens, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses

The most important thing that hardscape design does directly for a home is to compliment its architecture. The colors, styles, and motifs of home design should be reflected in the many structures that surround it in the home.

Seldom, however, do we use the exact same materials that were used in constructing the house. This would be redundant. Instead, we look for ways to mirror the essential essence home with the color and geometry of the structures we build in the yard.


This magnifies the significance of your home by expanding what it represents into the space throughout your yard. If you ever plan to resell the home, maximizing its curb appeal is the smartest thing you can do. If you plan on remaining in it for several decades, consider the savings inherent in home entertainment, and the value your home adds as an experience that guests are drawn to.

For instance, consider how different hardscape designs make lasting first impressions on newly arrived guests. What type of driveway do they enter your property through? A plain or shabby driveway makes a passé first impression. Investing in a quality stone or paver driveway properly introduces your property as a premier place to be seen.

It is also important to build the right walkways that lead from the driveway to the home and back yard. Transit areas should be large enough for people to feel comfortable and safe. They should be well illuminated in a manner that adds interest to the façade of the home as people approach the threshold.

Hardscape design in the backyard helps extend home aesthetic into outdoor living space. Swimming pool patios and courtyards have definitive functional value, just like driveways and walkways in the front of the yard.

They function as areas of exercise and outdoor entertainment. Constructing these forms behind your home creates the sense that your home is more than the house itself, but actually the entire property defined by elements that support action in addition to their innate aesthetic.

This approach to Houston landscaping is aimed at tangible improvement of curb appeal. Home value improves when a well planned landscape project gives shape and purpose to the surrounding terrain. New eco-friendly Houston landscaping techniques also make it possible to utilize hardscape design to compliment green home design.

Retaining walls, patios, sidewalks, and other outdoor structures can be created in such a way as to cause natural rainwater to run toward gardens, trees, and shrubs. This is an excellent way to reduce water consumption in a city that is becoming increasingly conscious of green design. It is also a sure way to lend not only curb appeal, but unique living appeal, to your Houston home.