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Houstonians are lucky. We get to enjoy the out-of-doors almost year ‘round. And one item that ups the ante of that enjoyment is a custom swimming pool.

So, if you want to put in a pool or remodel an old one, where do you begin?

Most people think it starts with swimming pool companies. While swimming pool companies are a logical assumption, there are actually several better places to start. For one: start with you and your family. Take the time to figure out exactly what you want.

First, the fun stuff. Will you be using it for business and formal entertaining? Do you have children in the house? If so, how is the best way to keep them safe? Do you work long daytime hours and, thus, will be using the pool mostly at night? Would an outdoor room, complete with outdoor fireplace and entertainment center, be a do-able idea?

Now, some practical questions. Are there any codes and regulations in your neighborhood that you need to be aware of? What about trees on your lot and what are some possible tree preservation programs? What will this project cost and can it be finished in a timely manner?


Once you and your family have decided on the answers to these questions (and more), you might want to give serious consideration to hiring a general contractor or project designer. They will help you find the right questions and the right answers.

Typically, project designers are specialists in keeping the pool project moving and on budget. Also, they have connections to hire the best experts for each particular task, which includes knowing the best swimming pool companies in the area.

Swimming pool companies usually concentrate their skills and expertise in the actual construction of the pool, beginning with grading and excavating the site. This phase is followed by the installation of rebar. Then the electrical and plumbing work is completed and readied for the initial inspection.

The next step requires spraying on gunite, which is the concrete-like substance that forms the shell of the pool. After it cures, the coping and tile are then installed.

For most luxury landscape designs, the pool is just one element. As an example: you might also consider other hardscapes, such as pathways (that accentuate the pool as the yard’s focal point) or garden structures (to create secondary focal points for variety and interest).

Additionally, it is often beautiful, and efficient, to combine the pool with a pool water fountain. It heightens the visual and auditory pleasure of the pool while eliminating some maintenance redundancies of two separate bodies of water.

If you have a theme for your landscape, such as a Mediterranean landscape design or a classic landscape design, you will want to take it into consideration when planning your pool.

For instance, when placed within a classical landscape design, the shape of your luxury swimming pool would most appropriately be one of the basic geometric shapes, like an oval or rectangle. While acting as a frame for the water, it becomes a classical design element of your landscape