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Custom Pool Design

Most people who want a swimming pool want something more than a place to go swimming.
This is why Exterior Worlds offers custom pool design services that create swimming pools tailor made to the landscape and lifestyle of the homeowner.

On a functional level, people are looking for a gathering place where outdoor parties can be hosted in a setting that is relaxing and fun.

On an aesthetic level, they are looking to add a very popular and vital element to their landscape that will increase its curb appeal by linking home architecture to the surrounding landscape forms.

Admittedly, custom pool design is never cheap because it involves requires multiple parties to accomplish the task. The landscape team actually handles the planning and design stage. The swimming pool company is then subcontracted by the landscaper to do the actual pool construction.

The homeowner must be prepared to absorb labor costs for both Exterior Worlds and its partner subsidiaries. Homeowners must also be prepared to invest in the superior grade materials that must be used in order to distinguish as preeminent in their particular neighborhood.

This being said, it is well worth the investment when one considers the superior curb appeal and the many lifestyle advantages that custom pool design brings to the table.
Swimming pools that are built under the supervision of the landscaping consultant are going to better blend with the remainder of the landscape design plan.


People who visit the residence will be impressed with a pool that is both distinguished and superior in its appearance, and resident in harmony with surrounding trees, gardens, patios, gazebos, and outdoor kitchens.

To achieve an outcome based upon so many high expectations, landscaping contractors must work closely with both the homeowner and the pool contractor to make sure everyone stays on the same page, and that the homeowners get what they pay for.

Custom pool design begins with a consultation that involves asking a series of questions about how the residents intend to use their pool. Will they use it mostly for themselves, or will many friends and relatives be using it as well? Will children be in the pool, and what activities do they enjoy while in the water?

Every answer we gain from this inquiry process is key to helping us develop a pool that is truly individualized to the activities the homeowner finds the most fulfilling.
This information tells us what special features to build into its design. If children are going to be frequently using the pool, then water jets are a great way to make the water lively and entertaining for them

In some cases, custom pool design experts discover during the course of the consultation that while homeowners make the pool available at warm weather gatherings, most attendees prefer to layout by the pool and tan, drink, and make conversation. The pool is there when they want it, if they want it, but it is often something many people never enter.

For these individuals, the patio must appear equal in significance to the pool, and it must be large enough to comfortably accommodate all those in attendance.

If relatives with joint problems and aches are going to be spending time in the water, then an adjoining spa is ideal to soothe muscles and ligaments. People who primarily entertain at night will need special lighting in and around the pool area. Waterfalls and fountains can make the pool look larger than life, and create focal points of liquid illumination within illuminated water.

Custom pool design on this level requires a great deal of empathy to not only the needs of the homeowner, but the values, tastes, and unique individuality of each person who will enjoy the property once the project is complete.