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Hiring a Houston Swimming Pool Contractor

Do your landscape plans include a swimming pool in your back yard, either a new one or the remodeling of an existing one? If so, let Exterior Worlds be your choice for a Houston swimming pool contractor.

To begin with, we will help you with the design aspect. Your choices are plentiful, ranging from lagoon pool designs to waterfall landscape designs to site-specific designs—and just about everything in-between. As longtime Houston swimming pool contractors, we are experts in this field.

For those homeowners who are landscaping for entertainment, you might want to consider putting in additional water elements that pack a big wow factor. Examples of these head-turners include fire and water fountains and pool water fountains. Other features to discuss involve lighting and safety. The lighting for your pool should be included in your overall residential landscape lighting plan with the intention of making it seamless with the whole.

Needless to say, all discussions of water elements need to include safety. Areas of consideration: non-slippery material choices in the immediate wet area, night lighting and, depending on your lifestyle, a pool fence to safeguard access to the water, such as an ornamental iron fence.


Once the design is nailed down, then as your Houston swimming pool contractor we will schedule a pre-construction meeting to let you know what to expect. We will also begin to secure the necessary permits. Then comes the grading and excavating of the site. Once the rebar is installed and the plumbing and electrical work is completed, the pool will be sprayed with a concrete-like substance called gunite. After the gunite cures, comes the installation of the coping, any specialty features, such as outdoor fireplaces or retaining walls, and the pool deck.

For the last step, the gunite is plastered, often with upgraded materials such as quartz finishes in a wide range of colors and textures. Now your pool is finished, ready for water and the fun to begin.

As you can tell, the undertaking of building or restoring a swimming pool is no small task. Therefore, hiring us as general contractor, also known as a project designer, may be in your best interest. We bring two important assets to the table. The first is financial. We will schedule the different subcontractors, thus keeping the work progressing in a logical and timely manner. In the end, it saves you money and aggravation. The second advantage is we can look at your entire landscape design and ensure that the pool integrates with the total picture. We will work to make sure all your landscaping zones to flow together.

If you are considering landscaping remodeling, Exterior Worlds is a particularly smart choice. With remodeling, all of these decisions are magnified, especially your choice of the Houston swimming pool contractor to whom you entrust the project. While a swimming pool remodeling project certainly can be done and often is something that needs to be done, it is a complex job that requires your professionals to go the extra mile. It is no time for contractors with a cookie-cutter frame of mind.

Since 1987, Exterior Worlds has provided upscale landscape services, including project management for swimming pools construction and remodeling to the Houston area. Call 713-827-2255 for a consultation.