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Seeking out a landscaper can offer a homeowner many advantages. Landscape design is expensive when the professional landscaping company also performs the installation and construction associated with the design. However, purchasing an online landscape plan is very cost effective when one considers that the basic master plan developed by an expert can then be outsourced to local gardening and construction specialty experts gives clients the ability to control their own expenditures to some extent.

Aside from cost savings, many people in smaller communities simply cannot find experts with sufficient training and experience in landscape design to do all that is necessary to fulfill their desires. For these clients, an online landscape expert may be the only viable source of a master plan that includes gardens, pools, patios, outdoor rooms, arbors, courtyards, and outdoor buildings.

The development of an online landscape plan begins with a survey. This questionnaire is intended to identify key details pertaining to the personal desires and lifestyle of the client. Questions such as: “Do you have any children?”, “Do you want a swimming pool, and if so, what style?” “Do you have any pets?” and “What plants and flowers do you like” help the design professional get a good sense of what thematic elements will be most apropos to the end results.

Upon return of the survey, landscape designers call the client for an in depth interview. This interview helps clarify answers to the survey at a much greater depth. By the end of the interview, the conceptual basis of the plan should be firmly set in mind.


Clients will be asked to email additional reference materials to help the design team develop the logistics and details of the final master plan. Pictures will be needed, both of the home and of the home. Experts recommend a minimum of 10-15 digital photographs of the house from all vantage points, with at least that many for both the front and back yards, respectively.

A lot survey is also necessary to give the team a clear picture of the property’s perimeter. Homeowners should have received this survey at the time they bought the house, but if it has been misplaced in the meantime, a copy can be obtained from the title company.

Equally important is a topographical map of the property. It shows grade elevation changes that occur throughout the lot. These changes provide the online landscape team with crucial data needed to effectively design gardens, build outdoor structures, and design irrigation networks and drainage systems.

A tree survey of both yards is also necessary to give the team a clear picture of every tree’s location. This is vital to tree preservation and maintenance and must not be neglected.

Once this information is reviewed and studied, the online landscape design team draws up a preliminary concept and emails it to the client for review. The team then discusses the plan with the client via phone to make any necessary changes. Once approved, the final plans are drafted and sent to the client.

Homeowners are encouraged to seek out local landscape designers and specialists in their area using both the Internet and recommendations from neighbors. Any landscape architecture or construction will probably need the expertise of a specialist to build. Clients who are unsure of who to hire for these tasks can ask the online landscape specialist what type of contractors to seek out in their area.

Exterior Worlds will work remotely with these contractors for a fee. We will review bids, coordinate team initiatives, or even talk to contractors. If clients need us to fly out and work onsite for a general contractor, we can do it if the scope of the project and the budget of the client allows for it.

Do-it-yourself landscaping

Do-it-yourself landscaping is never as simple as it looks. Websites, how-to videos, and magazines make it look so easy. When you actually get out in the yard and start working, whoever, you run into all sorts of unforeseen variables that challenge you at every turn. This is where working with an online landscape design expert fromExterior Worlds can help you. It gives you the best of both worlds. You receive

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What websites can I go to in order to get online landscaping ideas? Think about the elements you want to see when you walk outside into your front or back yard. Ask yourself some honest questions and give yourself the freedom to use your imagination for a second. Do you want a patio just for you and a special someone? Do you want a swimming pool? What types of flowers

Online Exterior Design

Online exterior design gives cost effective landscape development with a remote expert in botanical science and outdoor architecture. This plan can then be sourced to a local landscaping company in your community, who can better add value to your property with a pre-existing diagram. The online exterior design plan is a very detailed document. It is a drawn-to-scale representation of your existing lot, with a scale drawing of your house.

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Many clients who approach us with interest ask a very fair question: “What can you do as an online landscaper that a local landscape service in my community cannot do?” This is a question we like to answer because it helps us establish a clear picture of what an online landscaper really does. An online landscaper develops a master plan that includes everything necessary to the creation of a true

Online Landscaping

Online landscaping lets you combine the design skills of an established landscaping professional with the option of implementing all or part of it as a do-it-yourself landscaping project. Online landscaping begins with a consultation where the designer gains a thorough understanding of your home architecture. Your home’s architecture is composed of a myriad number of geometric motifs. It is these motifs we will then follow when we create your