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Backyard Swimming Pools

Backyard swimming pools are designed by Exterior Worlds as part of our comprehensive backyard landscaping services.
Our intention in backyard landscaping is to create outdoor living space equal to or better than that within the four walls of the home. Among other elements such as courtyard design, outdoor kitchens, and formal gardens, backyard swimming pools rank very high on the list of top landscape features of a professional landscape master plan.

The design of the pool itself is going to be based on several different factors.
The most important of these factors is the degree to which the pool compliments the aesthetic of the house. Since the pool is generally the first thing people really look at when they exit the home, the geometry of the pool must, to some degree or the other, compliment the architecture of the home.

The size of the yard is the next thing we look at.
When we take in the big picture of the yard, we have to ask ourselves just how big (or small) is the picture we are taking in? Ultimately, the size of the yard is going to limit the number and size of landscape forms we introduce. Backyard swimming pool design must take into account the number and size of neighboring forms in order to succeed in helping to establish impeccable outdoor living.

After determining the pool’s geometry and how large it actually needs to be, we create the actual design. Our responsibility is not to actually do the physical labor on the pool itself. Rather, our expertise lies in choosing a style and itemizing materials that will be needed to complete the project. We then bring in experts who do the actual labor.

Homeowners greatly value this aspect of backyard pool design because it allows them to interface with one general contractor (us) that also happens to be the planners and developers of their entire outdoor lifestyle.

Because we are able to put so much planning into design, the pools we eventually draft out are anything but ordinary.
Practically every project calls for something unique about the pool. Options are always offered to the client that will make the pool attractive, interesting, and fun to family and friends.
One of our most popular options is the swimming pool spa.


A swimming pool spa provides heated water and specialty lighting that offer guests something else to do besides simply paddle around.
Spas also serve a valuable health-related purpose. Their controllable water jets and water heated systems are some of the best muscle relaxants anyone can use.

Special options for children can also be added to backyard swimming pool designs.
If you watch children around fountains in public areas, you will invariably see several of them eventually jumping into the water and playing with its stream. Building water jets into our pools makes them interesting to experience and aesthetically superb to behold.

One of the most popular features is a waterfall of some sort.
Some waterfalls are very formal in design. They flow over decorative concrete and add elegance and superb effect under special lighting conditions. Other waterfalls are made to flow out of rocks to give the design a softer, more natural look.

It really all depends on the ultimate intent of the entire landscape master plan and where the backyard swimming pool aesthetic will most contribute to the success of that plan.