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Swimming Pool Design

The intention of swimming pool design is to improve the property in several respects. First, it creates an exceptionally popular and practical focal point for outdoor entertainment venues. While not everyone may enjoy swimming in a pool, almost everyone enjoys gathering around a pool to relax. Poolside events can be formal or informal and can consist of large or small groups of people.

This makes a swimming pool patio the ideal setting for any type of outdoor gathering. Aesthetically, the presence of a pool contributes much to the landscape as well. Water features always have a powerful impact in a landscape, and a well-designed pool elevates the property with a refined sense of décor. This is certain to add curb appeal to the property as a whole, so homeowners who think they may sell their house at some point in time in the future should seriously consider investing in swimming pool design.

The question remains, though, as to what the best source of that design should be. One of the most common (and costly) mistakes that homeowners when they decide to invest in a pool is to call a swimming pool company for a direct bid on a job. This creates problems for the remainder of the landscape. Because the pool is one of the most important features of the landscape, it has to be developed in relationship to the home and to every other feature on the landscape. Otherwise, it will be either too large, too small, or geometrically out of synch with other features.


Letting a landscape contractor handle the schematic aspects of swimming pool design will avert this disaster. The professional landscaper will develop a blueprint for the pool that appropriately matches the landscaping style with which the property as a whole is to be developed. This creates a win-win scenario for everyone, because the swimming pool company still gets paid for the construction work, and has a much easier time of building the pool with a pre-existing schematic to follow. The homeowner wins as well with a pool, a yard, and a home that all look superbly balanced and interrelated to one another.

This does cost more money, of course, than simply hiring a pool company. Realistically, homeowners who work with a landscaper need to be practical in their allocation of funds. The landscape may need to be developed in phases that are created in the order of priority. The size of the pool, which definitely has an impact on cost, needs to be accurately forecast with an honest assessment of how many people will actually be using it. There is nothing wrong with a small swimming pool design created just for family and friends.

On the other hand, extravagant outdoor parties are going to need a larger pool, luxury features, and a sizeable custom patio. To be fair to the rest of the landscape, the homeowner must consider what other elements can be developed affordably that will accommodate larger groups. Garden courtyards and outdoor rooms are two excellent elements that can do this. Both can be developed with conservative use of hardscape and masonry materials (which can definitely add up otherwise) and an abundance of organic elements that are both creative, expressive, and highly ornamental.

Swimming pools are most commonly based upon rectangles and circles, although they are never just plain rectangles or circles per se. We are not talking about apartment complex or public park pools here. Custom swimming pool design always takes a basic shape and then modifies it to compliment the motifs of the home and the property.

Designers identify these motifs and make a series of recommendations for the homeowner to consider. These professional insights, combined with the homeowners’ personal requests, are fused into the landscape master plan and final swimming pool design. What results is a synthesis of carefully technical planning and artistic finesse that adds a superb and simultaneously functional key element that is personalized to the taste and lifestyle of the individual homeowner or family.