Design a Deck

Design a Deck that Fits Your Landscape Master Plan

You can hire Exterior Worlds to help you design a deck that will contribute significant curb appeal to your property, home, and Houston landscaping plan. The decks that we build feature a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are customized to personal interests in a manner that supports Houston outdoor living throughout all four seasons of the year.

There are a number of very practical factors that go into custom deck design. There is much more to this process than simply deciding how many levels the structure will have and what you will place on the deck after it is complete. Our method involves a much greater level of detail where the structure becomes an extension of home architecture that allows you to extend interior lifestyle activities into the open world beyond the walls of your house.

Perhaps the most important of these factors is the location of the deck itself. Where we actually design a deck determines a great many other variables as well. The balance of sunlight and shade, and the vantage that people on the deck will have of the surrounding yard, depend on choosing the very best place to build it.

To gain the optimal position for Houston outdoor living, it may be necessary to build your deck in a place other than the entrance to the living room or the kitchen. While most people typically visualize these locations as the best place to design a deck, they often see the benefits of another location once we point out its advantages.

When we allow function to determine where the deck will be built, we open up an entirely new realm of possibilities for Houston landscaping and custom deck design. We can integrate multi-level decks into other elements such as gardens, tree walls for privacy, and swimming pool areas where the deck can either replace the traditional swimming pool patio, or contribute an adjunct form to its aesthetic.

There are also many ways that we can design a deck that will create a truly personalized Houston outdoor living space for the people you invite to your home. Particularly when building a split level deck, we can create shaded areas for afternoon naps, sunny areas for sunbathing, seating areas with a prime view of the surrounding yard, and cooking areas for outdoor dinners.

Children can also have a special place set aside for their toys where lower elevation, safety railings, and unique structures minimize the risk of injury even when summer time excitement runs high.

Once we strategize exactly how we plan to design a deck for you, we then draft a detailed schematic and finalize our proposal with a recommended list of construction materials. Most decks are built out of wood, and different types of wood require different levels of treatment to endure year after year of being exposed to the elements.

Cost of materials will be candidly discussed up front so that all parties are in agreement as to what type of wood, what level of treatment, and what degree of investment works best for what you plan to gain in experience from your new deck.

A Wood Deck for Your Home

There’s just something about wood. By its very nature, it has a friendliness and hospitality about it, which surely goes back to it being one of our first building materials in the earliest days of human development. In this vein, wood decks naturally bring beauty and warmth to your home. Enjoyed by all your friends and family, a wood deck creates an outdoor room, thus bringing the indoors out

Deck Design

Decks add form, texture and interest to your landscape. The most common deck design attaches the deck to the house, although freestanding decks can be quite dramatic. With the variety of materials available today, deck designs come in all forms and shapes from their inclusion in a small garden design to an unexpected urban landscaping project to a sprawling hillside sun garden. Decks add natural beauty, warmth and desirability to

Deck Building

When considering a deck building project, you are probably thinking about either a wooden deck, most often attached to a house, or the decking, usually made of some kind of masonry, around a luxury swimming pool. Both types of decks add a special dimension to your landscape design, creating usable, safe spaces that are also pleasing to the eye. Your Deck Building Project: Dreaming Your Deck In the early phases

Houston Deck Builders

By definition, a deck is a flat, elevated surface that connects to the house. It serves several functions. It gives homeowners a place to entertain just beyond the threshold of their door. It provides guests with a vantage point from which to survey the Houston landscape, and it gives everyone a comfortable place to stand and sit. Perhaps most importantly, it creates transition into the rest of the landscape by

Wood Patios

Many Houston homeowners prefer to have a wood patio constructed in their yard in order to give their landscape a more natural and traditional look. If you build it adjacent to the home, it provides an excellent transition from indoor living space to outdoor living space. This is one way to create unity between home architecture and the rest of the landscape. A wood patio does not have to look

Custom Deck Designs Makes Outdoor Living Peaceful

Perhaps one of the most popular deck designs that instantly generate a sense of total relaxation is the pool deck. Because the shape of the deck can be built to follow the linear movement of the wall of the house, it can offer you a tremendous amount of surface area that aesthetically links the house to the water and gives you plenty of room to tan, read, or sit outside

Deck Designs for Outdoor Entertainment

Exterior Worlds specializes in custom deck designs that make home outdoor entertainment safe, enjoyable, and comfortable. Everything from roofs, insect screens, and climate-controlled areas can be built into a deck to make it a veritable outdoor living room for special occasions. The following are just a few examples of how deck designs for different parts of the house can be used to create unique realms of entertainment for your loved

Deck Design Landscaping

The intention of deck design landscaping is to extend the things you most enjoy indoors into the outdoor realm beyond the walls of your house. As an add-on room of sorts, the square footage of your deck cannot be taxed as home property. However, the improvement to your home curb appeal builds lasting resale value and protects your investment in problematic times. Many people may wonder why Exterior Worlds builds

Custom Pool Deck Plan

Exterior Worlds typically designs pool deck plans as part of a new swimming pool design or a swimming pool remodel. We normally treat the deck as an element in relationship to the home and other elements, and not just a single element that can be added to a yard without any further modifications. Integrating custom deck building into the larger picture of a Houston landscaping master plan better enhances the

Wood Decks

Most people prefer wood decks because they blend so beautifully with trees, gardens, and shrubs. When built by professional landscaping architects, these decks can also work to better blend the architecture of the home with surrounding Houston landscaping design. Professional landscape contractors will also build the deck using the highest quality woods treated to resist the elements for years. It is imperative that the wood used in decks look attractive.