Custom Deck Designs Makes Outdoor Living Peaceful

Perhaps one of the most popular deck designs that instantly generate a sense of total relaxation is the pool deck.
Because the shape of the deck can be built to follow the linear movement of the wall of the house, it can offer you a tremendous amount of surface area that aesthetically links the house to the water and gives you plenty of room to tan, read, or sit outside to enjoy music.

If you live near a bayou in Houston, Exterior Worlds can even build a deck around a large tree so you can put your outdoor furniture directly under its branches for natural shade.
The pressure treated wood used to build these decks provides a natural complement to your trees themselves.

If you are someone who enjoys sitting by the pool more than getting in the water, your landscape designer can build benches into the outer edge of the deck that give you a ringside seat to the water’s edge. This is an especially popular deck design with homeowners who have natural swimming pool designs.

The pressure treated wood of the deck flooring, the outdoor furniture, and the wood or stone benches creates the same feeling you get sitting by a lake, a pond in a public park or campground.


Because decks integrate so seamlessly with natural landscape design, people with large properties sometimes have their landscape developer build decks away from the outer wall of the home.
These decks are called view decks because they overlook a scene from an elevated position, and many times are located in places where the grade of the earth drops off significantly.

From such a position, you can sit around in a circle in the evening and enjoy the best view of a sunrise or sunset anywhere on the Houston landscape.

View deck designs are particularly popular in homes whose back yards touch Buffalo Bayou or one of its tributaries.
With a little hill landscaping and the helpful grade control of a retaining wall, a view deck perched on the edge of the bayou bank offers a fantastic view of homes, trees, and wildlife along the bayou’s course.

Another deck design that your landscape designer can build for you is a private deck for two.
Decks like this, because they are only meant for two people, can be built anywhere in the yard. You can sit in the middle of your tropical garden, covered by a shade umbrella that you can raise or lower at will. You can read a magazine with the trunk of your favorite tree at your back, and a view of your gardens and home stretching before you.

Or, you can have a private deck built off to one corner near a fountain or natural pond that gives you a sense of tranquility and a special feeling of being hidden from the eyes of the world.

If you want to share such a space with your parents, in-laws, and closest of friends, your landscape consultant can expand upon this concept of special space with an outdoor dining room deck design.
This is basically a covered deck with a table on it that you use like an outdoor living room, minus the walls that would otherwise obstruct the view of your surroundings.