Deck Designs for Outdoor Entertainment

Exterior Worlds specializes in custom deck designs that make home outdoor entertainment safe, enjoyable, and comfortable.
Everything from roofs, insect screens, and climate-controlled areas can be built into a deck to make it a veritable outdoor living room for special occasions. The following are just a few examples of how deck designs for different parts of the house can be used to create unique realms of entertainment for your loved ones, friends, and clients.

Front Decks
Front decks add a sense of grand entryway to a home that is set back from the street and has an unusually large front yard. Also, they are ideal for homes that are surrounded by large trees, shrubs, and heavy vegetation.

A deck design in the front of your house can allow your guests to enjoy your front yard from a completely different vantage point than they normally see it. A deck swing is a great way to give a relative a fantastic view of your front yard landscape, trees, and neighborhood. You can also add tables and other seating areas along the front so people can look out at the custom gardens, flower beds, and lighted trees that line your driveway.

If you are hosting a business event at your home, a front deck can also be an excellent greeting area. Step light leading up the gentle stairway can create an altered mood as people climb the steps into the party. Guests can grab a drink and an appetizer while you make out nametags for them.


Side Decks
A side deck can be an excellent way for guests inside to step out for a smoke or to catch some fresh air on a starry evening. Side deck designs work best for houses that have a narrow strip of land between the side of the house and the fence. Normally this little narrow alley-like strip is left to lie fallow and useless.

Your landscape developer can build a small deck here that will overlook any number of custom landscaping elements such as mid-level tree walls, custom gardens, or a small reflecting pond lit up in the night. Standing on your side deck and overlooking such a scene will put your guests in a dream-like state that will enhance the feeling of the special moment of the party.

Back Decks
In most instances, the largest and most complex deck designs are built in the back of the house. Many people prefer such a structure over a traditional porch for two reasons. First, a back deck is usually higher, so it gives them a much better view of the Houston landscape. Second, it can extend further into the yard than a porch.

Such a deck does not have to be a purely rectangular structure, either. It can be curved, radial, or have pier-like mini-decks for seating and observation jutting out over gardens, ponds, and lighted fountains.

Here, you can divide a party into different activities very easily. You can grill outside in a special sunken cooking area that can be built into your pit as well as having your outdoor furniture arranged in circles for people who want to enjoy drinks and conversation together. Multiple dining tables can be set up for large groups, families, couples, singles, and even kids only.

View decks extending beyond the main deck can also be built with stairways that lead down to patios, walkways, and garden trails. This turns your basic deck design into a launch pad for garden exploration, but it keeps the activities close to the house where people are more comfortable under special roofs, bright lights, and screened in areas where insects cannot torment them.