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Garden Structures

Garden structures represent classic focal points within a landscape. Ranging from a simple antique column to an elaborate garden gazebo complete with spa and outdoor fireplaces, garden structures create visual interest and a point around which your landscape can develop. They can also provide a secondary retreat or entertainment center. They can be practical and sturdy or whimsical and ethereal.

Types of Garden Structures

Garden structures make for a long and varied list. That list would include:

Outdoor gazebos. Popular in both public and private gardens, most gazebo designs resemble Victorian-style structures. However, they can be designed to suit any setting, even a modern landscape design. Generally, they are open-air structures, but screen-in gazebos are certainly practical for mosquito-ridden areas like Houston.
Garden arches, also called garden arbors. This classical element of landscape architecture creates an entrance. Or, when arranged in a series, highlights a pathway. They can be either decorative or functional.
Pergolas. A shade structure often built over a deck or patio. Also called an arbor or lattice, they can be used as a trellis to support vines. Pergolas are outstanding additions to a patio design that has a covered outdoor room because the pergola’s open fretwork creates a transition space between the full shade of the room and the full sun of the yard.
Garden and wall trellises. A trellis is an outdoor structure that supports growing plants, usually vines. A durable garden trellis works well in a Mediterranean landscape design, for example, with its emphasis on fresh vegetables, straight from the garden to the outdoor kitchen.
Rose pillars. These single columns covered in flowers, such as roses, honeysuckle, wisteria and bougainvillea, add variety to your landscape. Place them along paths, beside a luxury swimming pool, or by doors and gates.
Pedestrian bridges. Bridges make eloquent statements. One of the most famous gardeners of all time, Claude Monet, built a bridge over his pond and memorialized it in many paintings. Bridges work particularly well within a Japanese garden.
Antique garden structures. Outdoor antiques make a good-looking landscape even more memorable. Items include marble urns and columns, stone benches and gates.



Garden Structures: Other Ideas
While the first thought for these structures are for a home landscape design, they have potential within commercial landscaping. A gazebo or pergola in a commercial landscape design makes your property stand out. It also creates a lovely, temporary retreat for your tenants—when they need a quiet lunch or a quick break.

Outdoor structures will be enhanced by landscape lighting, whether simple or intricate. Landscape lighting not only increases the security of your property, but it heightens its beauty and the pleasure it provides. By creating highlights, spotlights and shadows, your landscape becomes magical in the nighttime setting.

Whatever your landscaping ideas are, just know that you’re in good company. In his later years, Monet developed a passion for botany and was always on the lookout for rare varieties, no matter the expense. “All my money goes into my garden,” he lamented. But later he admitted: “I am in raptures.” Yes—a beautiful garden, filled with charming garden structures, will do that to you.

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Houston Arbor

Any Houston landscape of any design style can be beautified and accentuated by an arbor built by Exterior Worlds. Such a landscaping element lends the same sense of shelter and protection that one receives when one sits under the shade of an old, great tree. Its roof mimics the effect of overhanging branches, and its walls add a three dimensional motif to gardens and hardscapes. Furthermore, any Houston home, regardless

Garden Arch

A type of garden structure, a garden arch helps turn a mundane garden into a masterpiece. It is one of the ways a homeowner-gardener expresses a belief that their living environment includes the sum total of their property—not just the four walls of the house. It says that beauty and form are important to the people who live here. By adding shape, texture and variety to your home landscape

Garden Arbor

A garden arbor is a type of garden structure that invites and entices people into your home landscape design by giving vertical depth to your garden landscape. As a classic element within landscape architecture, arbors provide a cozy feeling of enclosure without boxing you in. When used as a functional structure, arbors support climbing roses, vines and other plants. You can also use them simply in a decorative way, to

Garden Gazebo

A garden gazebo is the ultimate garden structure within your landscape architecture. It fits nicely into your home landscape design, whether your property is vast and varied or a small garden design. As a focal point, a garden gazebo gives viewers a place to visually rest—the mind can go there and take a breather, even on the busiest of days. Garden Gazebo: Shapes The eight-sided gazebo was popularized by

Outdoor Rooms

An outdoor room uses the basic design principle of harmony. It is where your interior space and the exterior can harmonize most beautifully. One is the extension of the other, seamless, flowing, blending. An outdoor room is a wonderful way to make Houston’s fickle and unpredictable weather work for you. You can use it to bask in our mild winters. And you can construct it so that you can

Patio Outdoor Room

Exterior Worlds can easily build you a patio outdoor room. Think about the joys of cooking, eating, talking, and relaxing all--shared in the comfort and ambience of a carefully planned outdoor living environment. That is exactly what a patio outdoor room creates for you, and it offers you far more opportunities for special moments than any indoor room ever could. The reason for this is simple: a patio outdoor room

Garden Outdoor Room

Nothing increases living space and enhances the environment around your home than a garden outdoor room. It is a unique environment created to reduce stress with a lasting beauty that can be enjoyed from any vantage point, inside or outside the home. Garden outdoor rooms are highly personalized—being built with materials and softscape elements that directly correlate to the desires and lifestyle of the homeowner. A garden outdoor room

A Garden Pergola Adds A Vertical Impact to Your Yard

By definition, a garden pergola is a structure that is built out of pillars, cross beams, and lattice walls. The lattice walls support climbing vines that grow over the top of the structure. Much of the area beneath a garden pergola is therefore shaded, but the light is never completely blocked. Visibility remains clear for humans, and sufficient sunlight reaches the ground for most species of garden plants to thrive

Outdoor Gazebo

An outdoor gazebo provides the homeowner with a superb view the home, garden, and the surrounding Houston landscape. Such a structure provides a covering from the sun on hot days and shelter from rain on cloudy days. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay by building a simple screen around the sides. Outdoor gazebos have been around for at least 5,000 years, going back all the way to Ancient Egypt. There, they

Things You can do under an Outdoor Pergola

You can build an outdoor pergola over one end of a dinner patio. The open end of the patio can have a large dining table shielded by sun umbrellas. The smaller dining table goes under the pergola, and it is shielded from the sun by the plant material growing on the lattice of the roof. This smaller dining table looks more formal than its open-air companion, and it creates a