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Patio Outdoor Room

Exterior Worlds can easily build you a patio outdoor room. Think about the joys of cooking, eating, talking, and relaxing all–shared in the comfort and ambience of a carefully planned outdoor living environment. That is exactly what a patio outdoor room creates for you, and it offers you far more opportunities for special moments than any indoor room ever could.

The reason for this is simple: a patio outdoor room is OUTDOORS. That means that the intention of the room is not to block out the outdoor world, but instead to better focus specific elements of the outdoor world into a concentrated space set aside for a special purpose.

Houston landscape

Some of the most popular patio outdoor rooms we build include outdoor fireplaces, courtyard gardens, outdoor living rooms, and arbors. Architectural details are determined by the intended use of the room and the number of people that will typically be attending events held within it.


Form follows function in the planning and construction of these structures. Some are courtyards with walls made of either small masonry forms or hedgerows. Others have roofs to shelter occupants from the rain and wind. Sometimes these roofs are supported by columns that allow you to view the surrounding Houston landscape in a full 360 degrees. Other patio outdoor rooms are essentially outdoor buildings with solid walls furnished with luxurious amenities that can easily rival any custom living room.

When we build a patio outdoor room, there are certain key pieces we always integrate into the design of the form. Our first goal is to create a sense of structure that will give people a sense of special space dedicated to a special purpose.

This structure can be created by something as simple as a row of hedges or low-growth trees, or it can be something more complex such as one or two basic walls adorned with trellises or ivy. Sophisticated outdoor rooms are built as actual buildings with walls and ceilings that provide shelter from the elements and a fusion of interior and exterior living.

Once the basic form is complete, we then work to create a sense of comfort and intimacy. Both emotional states are essential regardless of the intended function of the room. Lighting of some sort is always installed in every patio outdoor room.

Rooms with ceilings and more than two walls are also designed with fans or rudimentary HVAC systems that can cool or heat a room when outdoor temperatures rise or fall in variance to ideal median temperatures. Such structures, being almost equivalent to small homes behind the home, normally feature full kitchens with ovens, stoves, pizza ovens, cocktail bars, grills, along with fully furnished dining areas that are often connected to adjoining luxury spas.

Patio outdoor rooms are ideal for intimate gatherings under the trees, moon, and stars. Outdoor fans can keep the room cool in the summer, and fireplaces can add warmth and ambience in the winter time.

Earthen elements like planters, pottery, and garden elements keep the senses grounded in Nature, while fountains, bird baths, and statuary seamlessly blend the craftsmanship of human aesthetics with the vitality of organic softscape.

Ultimately, regardless of form or purpose your patio outdoor room finally emerges as, the one thing you can count on from Exterior Worlds is an outdoor livening extravaganza that will remain accessible at any time of night, 365 days out of the year, and one that will also always keep luxury living just a few steps away from the vast world of Nature all around you.