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Garden Outdoor Room

Nothing increases living space and enhances the environment around your home than a garden outdoor room. It is a unique environment created to reduce stress with a lasting beauty that can be enjoyed from any vantage point, inside or outside the home. Garden outdoor rooms are highly personalized—being built with materials and softscape elements that directly correlate to the desires and lifestyle of the homeowner.

A garden outdoor room directly connects to the back of the house. It consists of a blend of custom hardscape made from stone, concrete, or brick. Softscape elements are carefully chosen to create varying shades of green and splashes of color. Walls, made out of hedges, small trees, or masonry, surround the patio and garden and encircle it like a pair of wings that connect to the walls of the home itself. A glass sliding door is all that separates the courtyard from the home interior, making it the most proximate point on the landscape to the living room, family room, kitchen, or even bedroom it adjoins.

Design specifics are endless, but a certain feel is universal to almost any garden outdoor room. It should invite those within the home into a setting of comfort just beyond the threshold. The sliding glass door is essential to this effect because it works to bring the garden within arm’s length of house guest. This fuses interior and exterior space so that people on either side of the glass can clearly see the decorations, furnishings, design, and architectural motifs of parallel living spaces.


Connecting such a courtyard to an indoor room literally brings Nature into the interior space of the home and makes the landscape a part of the homeowner’s lifestyle. The convenience of its proximity is also an added boon to home entertainment. Guests appreciate the convenience of being able to walk into a different world just a few steps outside. Gates and trails leading away from a garden outdoor room create transition into other areas of interest and work to introduce the landscape proper to the new arrivals and longtime friends.

The size of a garden outdoor room directly must be built to scale with the home and the surrounding yard. Because this is an important transition area, it must function as a bridge between pure architecture and blended architecture and landscape forms. Things such as the size of the walls and the materials used to build the hardscape are based upon what works best with home building materials and also offers opportunities for further motifs to be repeated in other areas of the yard.

The furniture in a garden outdoor room should be chosen based on the room’s intended use. If it is more of a transition and mingling area, then the patio should be large and stone benches or chairs arranged around the edges. If this is to be a central seating area, you should have more of a living room effect and use weather resistant outdoor furniture that can provide comfortable seating for long periods of time.

Landscape designers can help you accessorize and color coordinate any number of outdoor furnishing collections with the surroundings of the courtyard. Decorations can then be placed all through the garden and around the patio. Elements like including flowers, planters, lighted fountains, and fine statuary can make patio design come alive with a fusion of decor and human comfort.

One of the greatest benefits that Exterior Worlds can bring you with a garden outdoor room is improved home value. The synergy it creates between indoor and outdoor living tantalizes prospective buyers with the allure of a home that comes already features extended living space, organic vitality, a connection to Nature, and intimately personalized entertainment.