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Home Exterior Design Ideas

The intent of home exterior design is two-fold. On the level of aesthetics, home exterior design provides an external and sophisticated compliment to the architecture of a house. By integrating Nature and man-made structures, the home interior designer creates a framework into the usefulness of the home interior can be expanded into the world beyond without compromising the beauty of the landscape. This is very important, because the functional elements of the outcome must blend effectively with indigenous vegetation, manicured lawns, outdoor decorations, and fountains in order to create an environment that is suitable and comfortable for quality outdoor family time and home entertainment functions. Only a few companies in the world of landscaping, such as Houston’s Exterior Worlds, provide this sophisticated blend of natural harmony and human creature comforts for the discriminating homeowner who is seeking a living experience beyond the norm.

Home exterior elements vary widely based on several important factors. The lifestyle of the homeowner is first among these. At the end of the day, what the resident plans to do outdoors provides our team with a great deal of information on what we can build for them. Careful analysis of the house and surrounding landscapes also plays a key role in helping us shape the specifics of a home exterior design plan. Landscaping itself forms the foundation of this plan, and acts as a framework where structures and activity centers can be blended with pockets of indigenous vegetation, gardens and manicured lawns, and large, stately trees that rise prominently in various locations within the yard.


Some of our most popular home exterior designs include, but are not limited, to the following elements

Screened-in rooms
These are ideal for parties, family gatherings, and even important, formal events. They can be equipped with anything from fine furnishings to extend a living room outdoors, or be outfitted with an entertainment system and an outdoor bar as an open entertainment area that provides convenient exposure from insects and other pests during outdoor events.

Outdoor kitchens with garden elements included
People that enjoy grilling for large groups love these open-air structures that can include everything from smokers to refrigerators. There are a number of ways that they can be designed, as well. Some can be built out of hedges, while others can be simple gravel areas open to the elements.

Pools and Patios
Many people fail to realize that pools and patios are actually exterior design elements just as much as they are home entertainment areas. Many also realize after the fact that it is much easier to have a pool installed or a patio built as part of a larger, more comprehensive design plan than it is to attempt working directly with a pool specialist or carpenter. These professionals are more used to working with general landscape contractors like Exterior Worlds and can much better serve the resident when a well-developed schematic is shown to them by an expert who speaks their language.

Arbors, Gardens, and Shade Structures
Much can be done with the simplicity of a group of trees or an ornamental garden with a fountain. Outdoor tables and benches can be placed around these areas to create gathering spaces for mingling guests. Landscape path lighting can be installed that creates walkways for people to takes short walks along winding trails that increase an illusion that the property is much bigger than it really is.

Indeed, almost all elements of a home exterior design will create a feeling of freedom and expansiveness by strategically positioning a variety of structures and conveniences in convenient locations around the property. When done correctly, it can make a property to look as large as 2 ½ to 3 times its normal size—much the way adding furniture to a room makes it look larger. The amazing range of options that this science offers to the homeowner makes it one of the most customizable design disciplines practiced. With so many natural and structural elements to work with, virtually anything can be created within the boundaries of safety, comfort, and proportional harmony that will provide lifestyle and entertainment to today’s eclectic homeowner.

For more the 20 years Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston’s fine neighborhoods.

Exterior Wall Fountains in your Landscape

Exterior wall fountains are elegant features in your landscape. At Exterior Worlds, we have found that they add visual charm and auditory pleasure as they direct the viewing eye across the outdoor design. Additionally, they are quite versatile, fitting into the odd crook and cranny or taking center stage as a large water fountain that covers an entire wall. Exterior wall fountains belong to the category called custom hardscapes within

Express Your Personality through a Custom Courtyard Design

Exterior Worlds combines patio construction and masonry to create custom courtyard designs that are intensely personalized to the individual’s favorite activities. We build a patio made from a hard surface such as stone, decorative concrete, brick, or gravel stone mixtures. Some courtyards like morning gardens combine stone, gravel, and grass to create an organic floor within the structure that is stable, easy to drain, and safe to walk on.

Invest in a Courtyard Design that Increases your Home Value

If you have thought of listing your home on the market, or if you are simply looking to add curb appeal just in case you decide to at some point in the future, tremendous value can be added with just a few simple courtyard designs by Exterior Worlds. You can enhance your front yard with a simple courtyard design that creates as special viewing area off to one side of

Front Yard Landscape Design

Your front yard landscape design is the first thing that registers with people about your home. It says everything from “All are welcomed here” to “We like our privacy.” While the front yard landscape design is always important, it is never more so than when you are ready to sell your property. Real estate agents call it curb appeal and recommend that you have lots of it in your Houston

Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Yard landscape design begins with three words: plan, plan, plan. Not that your ideas and schemes have to be elaborate. In fact, at Exterior Worlds we have found that some of the best yard landscape design ideas are simple and elegant. Foremost in our planning process is that the landscape is the framework for your house and, just like with artwork hanging on your wall, the frame serves the main

Home Garden Design

Thinking about home garden designs opens up a realm of possibilities. Gardens are places of retreat and restoration. Gardens evoke pleasure, sensuality and intimacy. They are also places of change, every day, every season, every year. Glorious home garden designs affect how we experience our entire living environment. A vital outdoor landscape design celebrates our regional characteristics (perhaps with a sprinkling of tropical plants) and complements the extant architecture (using

Outdoor Landscape Design

Outdoor landscape design is always centered on the home. This is because the house rises preeminent as the dominant symbol of lifestyle and resident value system. Due to its significance, the home must be reflected and complimented by all points in the yard in order for the landscape design to be effective. The residential landscaper develops these elements in two distinctive levels: hardscape and softscape. Softscape refers to organic elements

Outdoor Lounge Design

The virtue that outdoor lounge design contributes to the landscape is a unique a sense of openness and freedom combined with a feeling of unspoken separation from more busy and activity-prone areas of the yard. It creates a special outdoor living experience replete with all the comforts of a modern living room, but without the confines of enclosure that limit one’s sense of freedom and expression. Instead of a

Home Landscape Designs

Exterior Worlds specializes in home landscape designs that transform front and back yards into true outdoor living spaces. Functional elements are developed with an aesthetic in mind that always upholds the lifestyle, personal tastes, and values of the homeowner. Public space is planned and developed in accordance with intended events, activities, and the anticipated number of guests expected to arrive on any given evening. Care is also taken to provide

Outdoor Backyard Design Strategies

Exterior Worlds takes a very systematic and strategic approach to outdoor backyard design. Activities and personal tastes form the underpinnings of the landscaping plan. Great care is taken to understand the expectations of the client in order to construct outdoor structures that transform the backyard into a realm of entertainment and comfort that rivals public entertainment. At the same time, we are equally mindful of the natural setting in which