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Invest in a Courtyard Design that Increases your Home Value

If you have thought of listing your home on the market, or if you are simply looking to add curb appeal just in case you decide to at some point in the future, tremendous value can be added with just a few simple courtyard designs by Exterior Worlds.

You can enhance your front yard with a simple courtyard design that creates as special viewing area off to one side of your home.
This little outdoor room does not have to be very big at all to catch the eye and become the talk of the neighborhood. It does not have to be complex, either. All you really need is enough of a patio to encircle a small lighted fountain with outdoor furniture. Steps can lead up to the platform, so that you and your guests can sit in a circle around the magical dance of the water as you talk in the night.

Your landscape designer can also use a subtle trick of the eye to give you a sense of privacy without blocking your view of the surrounding Houston landscape. This is done by building a small, circular wall that stands waist-high or lower to your seated guests with wrought iron fencing rising up from the wall to encircle the moment. People can see through this partial barrier, but still get the feeling they are in a very private place.


Any potential home buyer who looks at your property will immediately see the same potential in this simple, yet very special, little outdoor room. Its location in the front of the yard will bring an instant increase in curb appeal due to its unmistakable location.

Exterior Worlds will also build you an entry garden that will turn one side of your house into a corridor of ambience.
An entry garden does several things. First, it expands the presence of the home by expanding its façade much like a room you would add to the side of the home; however, it does not occupy space in the same manner. As an open air courtyard design, it communicates structure combined with emotional freedom which is extremely important when entertaining guests outdoors.

The entry garden is intended to immediately precipitate an altered state of awareness with acourtyard design that blends masonry, patio work, greenery, light, and water into a superb transitional space that removes your from the stress of the outside world and introduces you to the bliss of the backyard party.

Should you ever list your home; the entry garden will be a strong selling point for all of these reasons. Even if a prospective buyer has no interest in home entertainment events, he or she will certainly appreciate the transitional space as a personal opportunity for relaxation, comfort, and mediation.

One or more outdoor living rooms in the back yard also add curb appeal to your property by creating luxury living space outdoors.
Any outdoor living room is a courtyard design that creates a comfortable environment that is partially open to the sky and surrounding landscape design. Outdoor rooms can be used for both private and public use. In fact, many Houstonians like to invite business partners to meetings in their outdoor living rooms because the environment offers a unique blend of relaxation and sophistication that is neither too formal nor too informal.