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Yard Landscape Design Ideas

Yard landscape design begins with three words: plan, plan, plan. Not that your ideas and schemes have to be elaborate. In fact, at Exterior Worlds we have found that some of the best yard landscape design ideas are simple and elegant. Foremost in our planning process is that the landscape is the framework for your house and, just like with artwork hanging on your wall, the frame serves the main attraction.

One of the first items on your planning list is to understand your environment. In general, your Houston landscape benefits from a relatively temperate climate, nutrient-rich indigenous soil (even though it does need amendments) and a variety of native plants that are naturally lush and verdant.

Another early decision should be whether to hire a landscape architect or designer such as the ones you’ll find at Exterior Worlds. Landscape designers are the professional planners of yard landscape designs. While you will find a range of fees, bear in mind that the artistic talent brought to the table by these designers can turn your place into a showcase. Trained in best horticulture practices and principles of design, these pros pay big dividends.

Next comes which elements to add to your landscape or how to enhance what you’ve got. For instance, landscape design tree elements cannot be over-valued. Trees give your yard shade, height, color, movement and interest. With a reasonable outlay of cash for maintenance, we have seen trees increase in value by as much as 400 percent over a 5-7 year period.

Houston masonry unites your architecture with the landscape. When projecting out into the yards, masonry hardscapes link these two disparate zones together. Masonry that rises from the ground adds a vertical element to your design. It can be something as simple as a brick planter or stone wall. Likewise, it can be an elaborate pool and patio area with an outdoor kitchen.

Water elements are prized in Houston landscaping at any time of the year, but particularly in our hot summers. In today’s market, luxury pools are actually an expected amenity for upscale homes. They provide hours of fun, are a perfect setting for entertainment and delight the senses even when you’re not in them. If you’re in an older home, you might need to consider a pool renovation, which is a project that requires a lot of effort, but creates real value for your property.


A garden wall fountain or contemporary garden fountain—or any water fountain, really—is a visual and auditory treat. To the eye, it gives a focal point and for the ear, soothing sounds. You can put them in front yards, back yards, at entry ways and in small, odd-shaped plots. Truly, water fountains are a landscape designer’s best friend.

We call time, effort and money the big three of a yard landscape design project. The end result, however, is something beautiful, a vista that gives you daily pleasure. Plus the big pay-off is that attractive landscaping provides a return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.