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Exterior Wall Fountains in your Landscape

Exterior wall fountains are elegant features in your landscape. At Exterior Worlds, we have found that they add visual charm and auditory pleasure as they direct the viewing eye across the outdoor design. Additionally, they are quite versatile, fitting into the odd crook and cranny or taking center stage as a large water fountain that covers an entire wall.

Exterior wall fountains belong to the category called custom hardscapes within the landscaping vernacular. They are the non-plant materials of your landscape design. Hardscapes, whether custom or not, include landscaping elements such as garden arbors and arches, decks, patios and courtyards, pathways, gates and fences.

Wall fountains naturally pair up with outdoor structures such as brick garden walls, whose blank, rectangular surface somehow seems to invite the liveliness of a water element. A retaining garden wall is another excellent location for a wall fountain because the moving water turns the retaining wall’s stolid and functional nature into an element of beauty.


Exterior wall fountains fit into practically every garden theme, from traditional to modern, from stone landscaping to shade garden design. If your garden plantings are conductive to attracting small wildlife, as with a butterfly garden design, you will find that fountains of all designs and sizes are excellent choices to make.

Exterior wall fountains can be found in a variety of materials, including stone, slate, cast concrete and metals, such as copper and steel. We suggest that durability is the key characteristic to look for because you want your fountain to be able to withstand the constant contact with water and Houston’s various, and notorious, weather conditions. So look for a material that appeals to your aesthetic sense, but also has strength in addition to its visual quality.

You will also want to include the fountain in your residential landscape lighting plan. As your lighting design experts, we will help you envision the wall fountain in daylight and nighttime conditions in order to maximize your overall pleasure in it. Proper lighting can make it a nighttime highlight or a subtle accent.

We do recommend that you consider a custom fountain. A custom-built water fountain addresses inherent design problems upfront, such as the common problem found in pre-fabricated fountains called over-spray, or water bouncing out of the fountain. This malfunction leads to subsequent problems, such as the area near the fountain becoming slippery or moldy and discoloration of the surrounding material due to Houston’s hard water.

Design-wise, wall fountains are all-around adaptable and flexible resources. It has to do with their size. If you have a wall niche in a small side garden, one can fit perfectly there. At the other end of the spectrum, you might install a freestanding wall, complete with fountain, within the spare lines of a contemporary backyard design. Likewise, a wall fountain at the entrance to your home establishes a warm welcome.

Let your imagination and good taste guide you as you contemplate putting in a water fountain on one of your blank exterior walls. They will provide you years of pleasure and peace, which sounds like a pretty good investment. For your property and for yourself!