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Front Yard Landscape Design

Your front yard landscape design is the first thing that registers with people about your home. It says everything from “All are welcomed here” to “We like our privacy.” While the front yard landscape design is always important, it is never more so than when you are ready to sell your property. Real estate agents call it curb appeal and recommend that you have lots of it in your Houston landscape, something Exterior Worlds are experts at.

The driveway is typically one of the most prominent features of the front yard. Common designs include the straightaway drive, sometimes with an apron for additional parking, and circular drives. While driveway designs should always be practical, we can help you add a design element to them with your material choice, such as brick, pavers, stone, decorative concrete and combinations thereof.

A wrought iron driveway gate finishes off the driveway with a commanding presence. Wrought iron, sometimes called ornamental iron, offers both utilitarian and aesthetic value. It is practical in the way that it provides security. Outfitted with an automatic gate opener, remote controls, sensors and code entry keypads, these gates let you control who has access to your property. Wrought iron gates work wonderfully well with fencing that is also made of wrought iron, a choice that brings unity to your overall design. They also bring elegance to wood, stone and brick fences.

Another way to add a big wow factor to your front yard design is by choosing a theme. This concept works particularly well when coordinated with the architecture of your home. For instance, a home built in the style of a French chateau invites a formal garden with its use of structural lines and symmetry. Rock landscaping accentuates a Southwestern style home as another example.


When planning your front yard’s design, Exterior Worlds likes to pay attention to the side yards. It may be just the spot for a small garden design, which will further unite the different zones of your property into one cohesive whole.

Often it is the simple choice that makes an impact in your front yard landscape design. Planting annuals puts sparkle in any outdoor environment. Since you can find annuals that like sun or shade, any well-drained garden spot, including pots and urns, can be used. The ideal location is one that is highly visible and thus lends itself to maximum effect.

As professional garden designers, we can bring all your design elements together. We help you make decisions on lighting, plant placement, the use of various plant textures and the best focal points. Employing sound design principles and horticultural expertise, Exterior Worlds can transform your yard into a visual feast that will welcome you home every time you pull into the drive.

Studies have shown that professionally designed and maintained residential landscaping is a key element in bringing value to your property. It is an investment in your pleasure now with an expected return, often several times over, when you sell your home in the future. So let us use all the landscaping elements at our disposal to create the front yard landscape design of your dreams.