How do I get my landscape project started?

Start by creating and outline of your goals and objectives. Try to determine a budget for the different parts or objectives. Collect pictures of ideas you like and would like to see in your garden. Once you have do your homework, contact a landscapearchitect or landscape designer to commission them to incorporate your goals and ideas with their creative solutions.

Do landscape firms charge for an initial consultation?

Depending on the distance of the landscape firm to the site, many companies do not charge for an initial meetings. However, if your landscape project is of considerable distant, some companies will change either a set fee or an hourly fee.

Do I need a landscape design for my project?

Most landscape projects need a landscape design to convey the scope of ideas. Some projects can be conveyed thru a simple estimate, but keep in mind if you cannot understand what is going to be done then you need a landscape plan.

How do I determine my budget?

Divide the landscape project into parts, such as planting, irrigation system, drainage system, outdoor fireplace, outdoor fountain, etc… then assign a cost to each part. You may not know what all these elements will cost, just pick a number that you feel is reasonable or appropriate to spend. Keeping in mind your budget may not be sufficient to achieve the allocated part. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to begin discussions and gain an understanding of the needs of your landscape project. This is another way to help define the scope before you begin costly design work on ideas your beyond.

Who should I hire to design my landscaping project?
Exterior Worlds of course… seriously you should look for a landscape designer or landscape architect that you feel understands you and the needs of your project. Then check their references and review their portfolios.

How do I fund my landscaping project?

Landscape projects are typically funded with “progress payments”, which are often based on the completion of different phases of the project or percentage of completion.

How long will my landscape project take?

Naturally, this depends on the scope but most landscape projects take a few weeks to a few months.

Who handles the permitting of my landscaping project?

Most landscape firms will handle the permitting and permitting plans of all elements of the job.

When is the best time start the planting phase of my landscape project?

In Houston, Texas, you can plant most of the year, but the optimum time is October thru May with some exceptions.

Once my landscape project is installed, how frequently do I need to replace seasonal flowers?

Between 2 and 4 time per year depending on weather conditions, maintenance and plant section.

How long is the typical landscape project guaranteed?

One year on most construction elements like swimming pools, outdoor fountains, patios, and outdoor kitchens. However, plants and trees are guaranteed for differing time spans, based on the types of plants and landscape maintenance.