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Home Landscape Designs

Exterior Worlds specializes in home landscape designs that transform front and back yards into true outdoor living spaces.
Functional elements are developed with an aesthetic in mind that always upholds the lifestyle, personal tastes, and values of the homeowner. Public space is planned and developed in accordance with intended events, activities, and the anticipated number of guests expected to arrive on any given evening. Care is also taken to provide preferred comforts and amenities for these guests so that when they arrive they will feel like they are living indoors while spending time outdoors. We also make certain to create very special private environments that are dedicated to the exclusive, personal enjoyment of residents.

In order to create a home landscape design that people will want to visit as a preferred weekend destination, we have to first create a focal point for the entire aesthetic of the design. Without exception, this is always the house. As the central hub of residential living, and as the most preeminent structure on the lot, the house works to establish the aesthetic tone of the property and the many corresponding individual elements of landscape design. This is not to say that we ever develop a yard into an exact mirror image of the house. On the contrary, we work very hard to create a complimentary expression of its essential design elements in the many organic forms and structures we develop.


Open portions of the yard are typically developed into decorative elements. Fountains, gardens, hedges, tree lines, and flower beds remind us that while structures create environment in of home landscape designs, Nature still defines the essence and power of theoutdoor living experience.

A variety of enclosures or partly-enclosed areas are then developed that use separation to create special environments. Any such area in a yard is referred to as an outdoor room. By outdoor room we do not necessarily mean a building with four walls and a ceiling. Instead, we mean any area separated from the rest of the landscape by either an organic or manmade partition that sets aside that space for special purposes and/or events.

In some instances, we may plant a simple hedgerow to set aside a special play around just for children. Hedges can also be planted around sports courts in order to maintain the overall aesthetic of home landscaping design. More advanced outdoor rooms, such as outdoor fireplaces and summer kitchens, are intended to work as major entertainment hubs for all sorts of events. In still other cases, we may build a small wall around an entry garden and construct a custom patio and lighted fountain that gives visiting guests a place to sit and talk.

Other outdoor rooms are constructed for privacy and personal seclusion. Most homeowners prefer to have at least one such outdoor room as part of their home landscape designs. Private patios in the back or corner of a yard are very popular forms of such personal space dedicated to reading, reflection, and conversations. Other parts of a yard can be set aside for deep relaxation or even sleeping. Everything from a simple hammock, to a lounge, to an actual outdoor bed can be installed in an insular environment that creates privacy and comfort for the homeowner.

These structures are always highly customized to reflect both the home and surrounding landscape designs. No two outdoor rooms that we build are ever identical, and no home landscaping design is ever generic in any sense of the word. Every structure and element, regardless of size or material build, always bears its own stamp of individuality, which in turn works together with surrounding elements to establish a home landscape design that collectively works to blend the human and the Natural, and the manmade with the organic.