Wood Decks

Most people prefer wood decks because they blend so beautifully with trees, gardens, and shrubs.
When built by professional landscaping architects, these decks can also work to better blend the architecture of the home with surrounding Houston landscaping design. Professional landscape contractors will also build the deck using the highest quality woods treated to resist the elements for years.

It is imperative that the wood used in decks look attractive. We have all seen decks that are constructed out of unfinished wood that clashes with the colors of the home. A cheap deck like this will diminish curb appeal and cost more money than it saves when it eventually requires repair. A better way to invest your money is to pay for a top quality wood deck now that will add lasting appeal to your entire Houston landscaping design.

Exterior Worlds uses only the very best wood types in deck design. We also apply a number of proprietary treatments to the wood to make it weather resistant. No matter how much it rains, or how long the hot summer months of drought endure, you can count on your deck retaining its aesthetic for years to come.


Wood decks by Exterior Worlds also feature a custom aesthetic that makes them well worth the investment point required to build them.
Houston landscaping designers first study your home to determine the appropriate scale and scope to design a deck. This will enable our team to build a deck that aesthetically functions as an extension of your home.

This works to enhance your existing curb appeal with an attraction factor on equal par with the house itself. It also magnifies your entire Houston landscaping design because the home looks more naturally blended with its organic surrounding when complimented with a structure made from fine, treated wood.

Access to your deck is the next thing that we consider. You will need at least one access point from the interior of your house, and at least one access point from your yard. Contrary to what many believe, the size of a wood deck does not limit the number of access points to its surface area. Ground-level decks can be accessed from two different rooms in the home as well as over two different positions in the yard.

Larger decks that stand off the ground can be accessed by at least two different staircases. This gives our Houston landscaping designers a great deal of freedom when it comes to drafting deck plans. Since many of these structures feature multiple levels, the use of multiple staircases and at least two home interior access points allows us to build sun tanning areas, cooking areas, child-friendly play areas, and dining areas in uniquely differentiated levels of the deck.

Wood decks constructed along these parameters have sections that work as actual zones of interest that are visibly customized to support individual activities.
This makes them more than decorative adjuncts to home architecture. As good as they look; they work even better to support the full expressions of your personal lifestyle that you choose to share with your friends and family.