Deck Plans

Adding a deck to your home will increase its curb appeal and expand the feeling of indoor comfort into outdoor space.
Deck plans by Exterior Worlds are developed to combine the best in form and function in a manner that adds powerful attraction factor to your entire Houston landscaping design. This way, regardless of whether or not you are actually sitting on your deck, it will appear as a powerful landscape element whose beauty makes your entire outdoor living environment appear more complete.

Decks are built next to the house and can be located in any number of areas. Determining the best location for the deck is done by examining a number of factors. Scale and scope are the foremost factor. Above all things, the deck must look like a natural complement to the house. It must not overpower the home architecture, but rather extend it into the yard. Houston landscaping specialists must also consider the practical need for access when drafting a deck plan. People inside the home must be able to comfortably transition to its surface. People outside of the home must be able to access the deck from convenient locations in the yard.


After carefully weighing all considerations along these lines, Houston landscaping designers pinpoint the very best location to build the structure. Focus now turns to customizing the structure to accommodate the aesthetic and functional demands for which it is intended. People seek out our deck plans for a number of reasons. Some want places to cook and eat outside. Others want to experience sunshine from an elevated surface that gives them a prime vantage point from which to overlook their surroundings. Others want a ground level structure that works much like a patio but is also shaded from the sun.

Custom deck plans are developed around these lifestyle preferences first. The general shape of the structure emerges at this point. The number of levels required to accommodate the specific activities that will occur on the deck will also become quite evident to our Houston landscaping design team. One thing for homeowners to always keep in mind is that decks do not have to be the same width in every place.

A deck that wraps around the corner of the house can be extended at the corner into a platform that works as a sun deck. Multi-level decks can also be constructed that feature different portions of the deck at different levels of elevation. Raised decks can add dimension to single story homes and still give residents, along with their guests, a superb view of the yard from an elevated position.

Deck plans also specify the type and color of wood that will be used in constructing the structure. There are many types of wood that can withstand exposure to the elements for well over a decade if they are treated with the right weather resistant substances. Woods can also be stained to compliment the colors of the home and surrounding Houston landscaping elements.

Once this final step in deck design is complete, the proper specialists are assigned to construct the structure as part of our design-build, turnkey installation service.