How to plan a deck for outdoor Living.

Exterior Worlds helps Houston landscaping clients with all aspects of deck planning.
We help our clients visualize the deck as an integral link between the house and the yard. We plan the structure to support activities that occur on its surface. We also tie the design to other activities that will occur throughout the entirety of the yard.

Access, location, size, and geometry are all factors that play into the process of developing the master plan.

The first step is to create a deck that will magnify the essential curb appeal of the house. We want to build a structure that looks like an integral element of architecture, not a simple add-on. The key to successfully doing so lies in isolating the essential geometric motifs that characterize the individual architectural style of the home. These motifs can then be replicated in the shape of the deck itself.

During the deck planning process, we also have to keep our concepts of geometry three dimensional. One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to conceptualize a deck without the help of a Houston landscaping consultant is the tendency to think only of how the deck looks from the perspective of someone standing on its surface.


While this is certainly important, it is equally important to create an appropriate amount of vertical impact that will accent the view of the home.

This is true for both ground level decks and split level decks as well, because all feature a certain vertical rise above the ground that adds a third dimension to the perspective of someone looking at the deck from the yard.

Deck planning services also involve turning practicalities into architectural elements. Houston landscaping clients who wish to integrate a deck into their back yard landscape already have a certain set of activities in mind that they plan to enjoy on the deck after it is finished. Some of these activities, such as cooking, dining, or child’s play, will require the building of specific structures. We work very carefully to integrate these supporting elements into the deck design in a way that enhances its appearance in relation to the home and the rest of your yard.

Deck planning and design may also require creating multiple sections of the deck. A split-level deck or a multi-level deck will almost always have different areas that are clearly separated from each other. Ground level decks, however, can also be built with different sections that give people of different interests their own special areas of entertainment.

Access to and from the house must also be planned by pinpointing the very best location in which to build the deck. Traffic to and from the yard will help determine the number of access points leading out from the deck. Privacy can be created by planting tree walls that tie the deck to garden design and shield it from the eyes of curious neighbors.

Deck planning services also include deliberate selection of building materials that are durable, cost effective, and superior in their attraction factor. Construction specialists are contracted and work side by side with our in-house team under the supervision of our Houston landscaping design managers. This ensures that your custom deck, once complete, contributes maximum curb appeal to your entire property as an extension of your home, and as an integral part of a landscape master plan.