Custom Pool Deck Plan

Exterior Worlds typically designs pool deck plans as part of a new swimming pool design or a swimming pool remodel. We normally treat the deck as an element in relationship to the home and other elements, and not just a single element that can be added to a yard without any further modifications.

Integrating custom deck building into the larger picture of a Houston landscaping master plan better enhances the curb appeal of home architecture by linking its structural motifs to the geometry of the swimming pool.

In a very real sense, a pool deck plan can bridge the pool to other elements of interest in the yard. Examples of such elements include, but are not limited to, trails, gardens, ponds, and waterfalls in other zones of interest. Wooden decks are excellent hardscapes to integrate with all of these forms because stone, greenery, and wood are intricately tied together in nature.

The location of the deck matters both in relation to the home and to the other elements that surround it. Some decks work well as transition elements between a house and a pool. Others look much better as linkage points between the pool area and a garden that houses a gazebo, pergola, or a garden patio.

Still others are actually part of a multi-level structure that connects upper stories of a home to the pool, a network of trails, and a garden.

We begin the initial development of pool deck plans with an awareness of these factors. We recommend, from a Houston landscaping design perspective, the very best place to position the structure.

At this point, the size and shape of the deck is then worked out as a function of lifestyle as much as a function of aesthetics. Your role in the design process is to help us understand what you will use the structure for and how many people you plan to events that you host on its surface.


Material choices are also discussed during the consultation stage of our service work. Different types of wood contribute entirely different effects that work better with some Houston landscaping designs than others.

It is also imperative, at all times to remain, mindful of how the pool deck plan will affect the curb appeal of the house from the vantage point of the far back yard. Wood types have to be chosen that will work with other hardscapes and softscapes. They must also be stained and treated in ways that preserve them against the elements.

Cost will ultimately have to be considered as a factor at some point in time. When clients invest in Houston landscaping design, they are making an investment in a number of elements that interconnect with one another.

The investment factor of a single element must be balanced against the total investment in the landscape as a whole. Consequently, we aim to provide our clients with several pool deck plan options that will balance function and attraction with a price point for the deck that is affordable to their budget.