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Online exterior design gives cost effective landscape development with a remote expert in botanical science and outdoor architecture. This plan can then be sourced to a local landscaping company in your community, who can better add value to your property with a pre-existing diagram.

The online exterior design plan is a very detailed document. It is a drawn-to-scale representation of your existing lot, with a scale drawing of your house. Landscaping elements are also drawn to scale in this document.

Locations of things like gardens, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, decorative stone walls, outdoor fireplaces, custom patios, and custom fountains are identified. Distances are clearly marked so landscape contractors can come in and know exactly where each element needs to be constructed.


The relationships between these forms are also clearly evident. Geometry and proportions are based on thematic aspects of home architecture, transforming the yard into a mirrored embodiment of its aesthetic.

Online exterior design begins with a consultation. The landscaping professional asks a series of questions of the homeowner in order to determine where the homeowner’s thoughts are at. Lifestyle choices, personal tastes, likes and dislikes, and favorite activities are discussed in detail and noted accordingly.

This provides the essential ingredients with everything necessary to draft a preliminary landscaping master plan. Structures are built according to the activity needs of the client, and they are designed to architecturally reflect the style of the house. Garden design is based partly on overall landscaping style, and partly on the intention of geometrically complimenting home architecture.

Special outdoor environments and hardscapes are created to further extend living space into organic space and to create worlds within Exterior Worlds that synthesize mindset, action, and complimentary organic and inorganic relationships.

Of course, online exterior design requires a bit more than simply talking to the homeowner. The online landscape designer will need pictures of the house and both the front and back yards. The homeowner should email the designer anywhere from 10-15 photographs of the home from all possible angles.

These photographs should include close-ups of significant features of the home such as doorways, windows, gables, porches, and upstairs balconies. Some pictures should also show the house as an entirely from each of its four sides.

The landscape designer will also need a lot survey and topographical map in order to see the boundaries of the property and grade elevation changes. Positions of trees and utilities must also be included on these or on corresponding documents. This will allow the online landscape designer to devise workarounds that will preserve utility connections and tree roots from any construction activities that must be done to complete the online exterior design.

Working online with a consultant, a homeowner can save quite a bit of money formalizing a plan that represents a systematic approach to creating a very personal and highly aesthetic outdoor living experience. The cost of the plan is quite affordable, and it will make the work of a local landscaper much easier, efficient, and ultimately more cost effective in its own right.