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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Landscaping Ideas

What websites can I go to in order to get online landscaping ideas?
Think about the elements you want to see when you walk outside into your front or back yard. Ask yourself some honest questions and give yourself the freedom to use your imagination for a second. Do you want a patio just for you and a special someone? Do you want a swimming pool? What types of flowers and plants convey a sense of beauty and peace to you? What types of outdoor buildings would you like to use for special events and family occasions?

The answers that you give to yourself when you ask these questions simply need to be typed into a search engine. The Internet has all sorts of information on landscape elements such as masonry, summer kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, entry gardens, garden design, stone walkways, etc.

Look at pictures and take some time to visualize how the things you find online would look and feel in your back yard.

Can you take links and videos I send them and develop them further?
Yes. As a matter of fact, we welcome as many online landscaping ideas as you have time to send us. Try to consolidate all links containing online landscaping ideas into a single email. Be sure to include your first and last name in the subject line so we can associate those links with your landscape project.


Can online landscaping ideas be based on pictures of my yard?
We need pictures of both yards taken from the vantage point of the home. This gives our team a global visual of your property and helps us develop the scale and scope of your landscape master plan.

Then, take pictures of all of your trees, any existing landscape architecture, and existing gardens. Photograph anything that looks interesting such a hill, depression, or clearing in the lot. Sometimes something that looks insignificant and useless will give the online landscaping designer ideas for innovative gardens, patios, and decorative architectural structures such as retaining walls, planters, fountains, and statuary.

Do you also need pictures of my home?
Yes. We really need pictures of your home because our particular method of landscape design involves transforming your front yard and back yard into organic living environments that mirror the beauty of your home architecture. It is therefore imperative that we have pictures of your home from all four sides, and that we have close-ups of details such as doorways, porches, windows, balconies, gables, and brick patterns.

What other resources do you recommend I turn to for ideas?
Call your title company and obtain the survey and topographical map of your property. We need to know where the property lines exist and where the grade elevation changes in your yard so we can design irrigation and drainage systems.

How can I get my ideas to you?
Email is the best way to send them to us, although if you want to pay (and wait) for snail mail that is fine too. Faxing does not work because we need to see images in color, and even black and white documents can sometimes lose detail.

What is your turnaround time in producing a plan?
That depends on the size of your yard, your level of expectation, and the extent to which you want to invest in ongoing consultation and participation in developing the master plan.