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Online Landscaper Creates Master Plan For Odtdoor Living

Many clients who approach us with interest ask a very fair question: “What can you do as an online landscaper that a local landscape service in my community cannot do?” This is a question we like to answer because it helps us establish a clear picture of what an online landscaper really does.

An online landscaper develops a master plan that includes everything necessary to the creation of a true outdoor living environment. This master plan is so much more than simple lawn and garden work. Its intention is to transform a property into a multi-dimensional arena of lifestyle and personal expression-complete with all the creature comforts and amenities of indoor living, and also very much in touch with the vastness and freedom of Nature.

Indeed, the greatest strength of an online landscape designer is to create a vision in the form of a plan that will clearly define every element of the landscape and establish each element in relationship to the whole. This document will then become the roadmap to development that landscape contractors will follow in pursuit of the ultimate vision of the design.


At times, the designer may have to work as a general contractor as well. This is because so many landscape elements and outdoor structures require the expertise of specialists to build. These teams must be able to work freely in order to apply their skills and knowledge to the task at hand. However, they also need guidance and supervision to ensure that their particular services work in harmony with those of other specialists and fulfill the ultimate purpose of the landscape master plan.

One of the biggest advantages clients can expect from working with an online specialist is an expert knowledge of botany. Because the online landscaper works with clients from all over the globe, he or she must know a great deal about plants from every continent. Awareness of the soil mixtures, temperature conditions, sunlight requirements, and the amount of water various species require will enable the designer to create environments where non-indigenous species can flourish.

When a garden or flower bed is designed with this vital information in mind, it is possible to create environments for many plant species the otherwise could not grow in a particular geographic region.

Another important service that an online landscaper provides is the architectural design plans for outdoor rooms and outdoor buildings. These structures constitute the essence of the outdoor living experience. There are distinct differences between the two forms that bear noting.

Outdoor rooms are open-aired enclosures that create a special space and unique points of view. The online landscaper builds these structures in key points of interest that allow homeowners and guests to experience a view of the house, vegetation, custom hardscape, and even surrounding neighborhood landscapes.

Decorative walls and hedges form the boundaries of these unique environments, but they are not walls per se. They are deliberately low to the ground to allow for maximum appreciation of the landscape. The floors of outdoor rooms can be anything from a stone patio to a tile surface to even a group of stepping stones. Typical outdoor rooms include courtyards, morning gardens, and entry gardens.

Outdoor buildings much more like the living environments found within a house. An outdoor building will have at least three walls and a roof. Inside, the online landscaper will then develop an interior design that that mirrors any number of room types. The most popular outdoor buildings include summer kitchens and outdoor living rooms that feature dining areas, chandeliers, fireplaces, and even climate controls.