Flagstone Patio Design

Many different kinds of Houston homes and Houston landscapes can be supported by flagstone patio design.
If you are looking for something unique, beautiful, and durable, then flagstone should definitely be something you consider investing in. While it carries a higher price point than other types of Houston patios, a flagstone patio can provide you with decades of aesthetics and functionality that few other materials can provide.

There are a number of advantages that flagstone offers over less expensive materials.

The first of these is low maintenance. Chances are that a patio built out of flagstone will cost you only the initial investment you make in its initial design and construction. Its durability in the face of inclement weather, variable temperatures, adverse humidity, and normal wear and tear will provide you with a return on your investment in the form of a lasting structure that costs little or nothing to maintain.

Flagstone also gives you a return on your investment through the lasting satisfaction that its superior aesthetic creates. The colors choices available in flagstone patio design range from blue to red. This allows us to build custom hardscapes that compliment a wide range of historical, cultural, and contemporary home architectures. There are few Houston landscaping plans, if any, that cannot be complimented by some kind of flagstone.

Flagstones are very unique as individual stones. Like snowflakes, not two stones are exactly identical in size, shape, or color. This allows our design team to create highly unique patterns, because even a group of stones that appear very similar to one another still offer enough individuality to allow for more complex patterns of related motifs to emerge within the hardscape.

In the sunlight flagstones often glisten as their varying color patterns reflect the light from different angles. At nighttime, under professional landscape lights, the colors of flagstone patio design become multidimensional in the interplay of light and shadow created by multiple layers of outdoor lighting.


Flagstones come in all sizes, allowing us to create both private spaces for you and your spouse, and open air spaces for large groups of people you entertain. Flagstone patio design goes hand in hand with high-end swimming pool design, entry garden design, and custom courtyards with structured masonry walls that create partly open outdoor rooms.

The location and type of patio you choose is not limited by this material. The only consideration to take seriously is the nature of the stone itself and the necessity of letting professional landscape architects handle patio construction.

Because flagstones vary in size, and because many of the stones are often large and asymmetrical, flagstone patio designs often appear larger in size than they actually are. In order to avoid creating a hardscape that looks too large for a particular space, Exterior Worlds uses advanced software to carefully plan each phase of flagstone patio design.

Once the dimensions and geometry are established in relationship to your home and other landscaping elements, we then carefully choose the most appropriately sized and colored stones for the project. After laying a foundation that ensures proper water drainage and compensates for occasional shifts in the earth, we lay each stone by hand and interlock them together to create a firm, sure surface that will not chip or crack.