Ground Level Decks for Houston Landscape Plans

A ground level deck is a superb addition to the curb appeal of any Houston landscaping plan.
It can equally compliment a single story home or a multi-story home because it works as a horizontal extension of the architecture of a house rather than an adjunct to its vertical impact. This allows Houston deck design specialists from Exterior Worlds to create some very unique forms that intimately link homes to surrounding landscape elements.

The fact that the deck itself is low to the ground to begin with is the primary reason for this. Because it relies upon the earth itself for support, it can be linked to multiple zones of interests. It is not uncommon for our team to build a ground level deck that connects a home to a swimming pool in one place, a garden trail in another, and a walkway leading out to an outdoor kitchen in a third.

In addition to providing homeowners with more access to their yards, this provides people with better views of their yards. The absence of guard rails which must be built on raised decks allows for an unobstructed view of trees, shrubs, flowers, garden ponds, retaining walls, and patios that are panoramically spread out before the viewer’s eyes.

Ground level decks themselves can also be more aesthetic as structures in their own right. Unlike raised decks, which have to be built with safety as well as form in mind so that they will not collapse, decks that are low to the ground can really take any geometric shape desired without risk to the well being of the occupants.


Linear forms can be varied by adding 45 degree or 90 degree right angles that expand a portion of the deck further into the yard. Such a simple design strategy can make a basic structure look much more complex, and thus more attractive, than it actually is.

Even more creative forms, however, can take shape when we add a ground level deck to a contemporary home. If such a home features a very exceptional, and highly unique and avant garde architecture, an appropriately eclectic deck design can take the form of a polygon, triangle, or hexagon.

Keep in mind too that the seating opportunities on such a structure can often be much better for those on raised decks. Without the need for railings, benches can be added to the sides of a deck that provide additional seating to the outdoor furniture that is typically placed on a deck. People can sit in a circle and face each other in a group, or they can sit facing outward to enjoy an illuminated outdoor world that stretches out before them in all directions.

Ground level decks typically feature better looking stairs. The average deck is only a foot or two above the earth, so the physical rise of each step is never more than an inch or an inch and a half. Steps are therefore very wide, and they can be made to gently turn and twist as they descend into the yard.