How you can Use an Exterior Fireplace to Create a Special small

How you can Use an Exterior Fireplace to Create a Special Small Group Environment at Large Outdoor Parties

Although you have invested great time and expense in planning the party of the decade in your back yard, you need to be mindful that not all of your guests are comfortable in large crowds. This is where an exterior fireplace can make everyone feel warm and welcome.

Such an environment is built with a cozy feeling in mind. The open sky above the patio gives you all the sense of freedom you need. Constructing walls around the seating area will not detract from this sense of openness, but it will create a very intimate feeling that the world has been shut out.

Walls can be tall masonry structures, or they can be organic barriers of trees and hedges. It matters not.

Guests seated inside these enclosures feel like they are sitting in a living room of warmth and greenery where conversation is subdued and good cheer is spread in a more controlled and person-to-person environment.

An exterior fireplace can also be a special gathering place for guests who do not drink alcohol.


If you are hosting a large gathering, chances are you will be serving plenty of drinks to accommodate them. However, you will have guests who do not drink, for whatever reason.

Such persons often feel out of place when they have to politely object repeatedly when offered wine, beer, or some other wild intoxicant to the senses.

Rather than put your mother in such a spot, why not create a special place for mom where she and her favorite sister, best friend, and grandchildren can enjoy iced tea or lemonade?

An exterior fireplace like this never has to be boring. The illuminated greenery, and the rich stonework patterns on the patio surface itself, create a wonderful family environment showcased in the special dancing light of the fire (without any of the deleterious effects of fire water).

Still other guests may be among those couples who do everything as a couple and nothing as anything but a couple.

These people may prefer to spend the majority of their evening with others like themselves. They do not feel like mixing and mingling with singles, divorcees, and married individuals who do not always stay together in a group.

An exterior fireplace is a wonderful environment to set up board games and card games for groups of six to 10 couples to enjoy themselves in a setting free from distractions, social pressures, and personality types they may not feel they fit so well with.

Never forget either that people you invite to your party probably already know each other from other circles. Many are also related to one another. These people will be coming to your party not just to see you, but also to catch up with other loved ones.

An exterior fireplace gives them the perfect setting to do exactly that. Just like families gather around the fireplace for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so too can they gather around your outdoor fire. This makes reunion moments special and memorable regardless of whether the occasion falls on an official holiday or not.