Outdoor Fireplaces for Houston Landscaping Designs

Outdoor fireplaces add curb appeal to any Houston landscaping design. As both functional and decorative elements, they add a sense of completion to any outdoor room. During the warm months of the year, they can be fitted with gas lanterns that create the illusion of firelight without adding to the heat of Texas summer nights. During the winter, they can make even the dampest and coldest of nights warm and comfortable under the stars.

Consider how special next Thanksgiving and Christmas would be at your house if you invested in a Houston landscaping plan that included an outdoor fireplace somewhere on your property. All of your traditional holiday traditions can be moved outside to a more ambient setting that is simultaneously more romantic and more suited to convivial conversation.

To get the best fireplace for your Houston landscape, call an Exterior Worlds consultant who can design the structure as a custom element that compliments your home and other landscape features. When the structure is designed as part of a comprehensive master landscape plan, it looks much better as a standalone and as an element in relationship to other elements.

When considering what type of fireplace to include in your Houston landscaping plan, think imaginatively. There are thousands of designs out there that you can find in a simple online image search. Any number of these can be downloaded and shown to our design team. Our specialists will then take the forms you find most appealing and customize them to the specifics of your house and yard.

For example, there are traditional outdoor fireplaces that look very similar to the indoor fireplaces that have become iconic in American and European symbolism. You might want to consider a design such as this if you are having your fireplace installed in a living room area of an outdoor kitchen. A derivative of this same style can also be built as part of a courtyard wall where people sit in an enclosed area that is open to the stars and centered on the magical dance of firelight.


If you have a home that is distinguished by a definitively cultural or historical style of architecture, you can also request a fireplace design specifically oriented to French or Mediterranean style Houston landscaping. There are even fireplace designs that feature elements of Shinto architecture landscaping plans with a strong bent toward Japanese aesthetics.

When choosing a location for your exterior fireplace, consult with your Houston landscaping designer on which area in your yard represents the best place to gather around a central focal point without diminishing the view of the rest of the yard. With the exception of an enclosed courtyard, almost all outdoor fireplaces give you the advantage of a superior view of everything else around them.

When you consider this fact, it becomes immediately apparent that many places in your yard can serve as ideal locations for an exterior fireplace. If you have a large yard with a stone terrace that has seating areas, a custom pool, and a custom fountain, then you already have one of the best vantage points available just a few steps from your back door.

You could add an outdoor fireplace here to make a complete living experience available from the comfort and luxury of the terrace. On the other hand, you could have us build the fireplace on a far patio that faces the terrace and rear of the home. From this location, people could sit and watch not only the firelight, but the lighted water features and architectural lighting of your magnificent home.