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Sports Court

A sports court® can be thought of as a multi-use gaming area.
Technically speaking, such an area is normally designed to accommodate more than one particular sport. Attributes of tennis, netball, basketball, and volleyball can be combined into a facility that the entire family can use for a variety of athletic pursuits.

It can also become the most popular feature on your landscape. Many of your friends and family may not want to swim, lay by the pool, or drink alcohol. They may prefer a form of exercise or competition as the premier entertainment of the evening.

Why not have a little bit of everything at your next summer event?

Even more important to those who have children, building a sports court can provide them with a form of entertainment that builds both body and mind. Many parents who worry about their children spending too much time playing video games, networking on social media sites, or roaming the streets can provide them with an exciting, healthy, and completely supervised venue in their own back yard.


Children are not the only people who benefit from gaming areas. The older people get, the more vital cardiovascular and basic aerobic exercises become. Working out on a court together can even be a family event that everyone can enjoy all at once.

The size of your sports court® can be customized to fit a particular area of your yard. It should look like it belongs as part of the landscape, but not something that overpowers it or takes away from the beauty of your home.

Even the surface of the court is a custom feature. It is not a typical hardscape. Rather, it is made from a special modular surface provides traction, bounce when the ball is in play, and a certain spring to its composition that minimizes shock to the feet and ankles.

This is ideal for both young players and older players, and it works equally well for the neophyte and the experienced athlete.

One thing in particular that Houstonians love about these court surfaces is that they are water proof. With all the rain we get on the Gulf Coast, this is one of the reasons that these surfaces are some of the mostlow-maintenance landscape elements in which homeowners can invest.

When designers sit down to draw up the plans for a game court, specific features are determined by itemizing the games the court will be used for. Special fencing is built around every court to provide ball containment. Individuals who want to practice alone can also have rebounders built into the court so they can work on their game.

Lighting the sports court® is an absolute must from a safety perspective. You are most vulnerable to accidents and dawn and dusk. Even if you currently have no intentions of playing a game at night, you need professionally installed lighting equipment which we provide through two premier lighting vendors here in Houston.

Without this vital component, you risk ruining a premier outdoor activity with a serious injury or possible tragedy. The good news is you do not have to worry about this when you allow us to install sports court® lighting that is both functional and aesthetic.

We also act as a general contractor to handle any and all permits for you. We construct special drainage systems that ensure efficient water runoff, and we check for underground utility lines and easements prior to implementing any work on your property.