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Home Basketball Sport Court

A home basketball sport court is an excellent way to bring the whole family together, keep the kids off the street, and offer an alternative to a night of eating and drinking for people who attend your summer parties. If you hire Exterior Worlds as your general contractor to oversee the construction of your court, you can expect not only a superb athletic facility, but also one that looks like a truly integral part of your landscape design.

The first thing we will help you determine is the size of your basketball court. This depends on several factors. The first thing to consider is the size of your yard. From a practical standpoint, how much space do we realistically have to work with?

We never want to build a court that appears out of proportion to your house and landscape features.

It also pays off to think ahead a bit and realistically assess who is going to be using the court. Is this only going to be for children, or will family, friends, clients, and neighbors be teaming up five on five during evening events?

Your home basketball sport court can be built according to any number of dimensions and custom plans. We can help you choose an option that is ideal for your environment and anticipated number of consistent players.


In most cases, we also recommend that people with very large yards who host large summer parties consider full-sized court options. This does not have to mean an NBA-size basketball facility. Many full courts are less than half that size in surface area, but still have goals on both ends, and sometimes goals on the sides for one-on-one play.

For people with smaller yards, and for fewer players at a time, a half court is just as workable as a full court. Ultimately as well, we need to consider aesthetics. How good will the court look in relationship to other elements of your landscape in relationship to other elements in your yard?

Home basketball sport courts can even be built with multi-game functionality so you can also play other sports from time to time. Simple methods of doing this can include building soccer practice goals installed into the court rebounder systems, or putting a batting cage put into the rebounder.

Of course, the largest full-size courts be equipped with multiple goals for roller hockey and soccer, and they can be fitted net supports for racquet games like tennis and volleyball.

Since home basketball sport courts quickly become magnets for the kids, we always build them to be very child friendly anytime we are constructing one for the family. One of the things that makes these courts particularly good for kids is the special surfaces they feature. Unlike concrete and asphalt, the special flooring material we use has a certain bounce to it that cushions the landing when a child comes down from a jump. It also offers better traction than concrete and is water resistant.

Another very option you can choose for your family’s home basketball sport court is the option of goals that are custom designed for young people of different ages. Goals that emulate collegiate and high school basketball nets can be ordered, as well as adjustable post goals that allow you to set the bar for kids at a challenging—albeit reachable height—and raise it as they grow.