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Home Putting Greens

Home putting greens are custom built to fit your personal needs of the golfer within the confines of your own back yard.
No matter how large or small your residence, we can design them to aesthetically compliment your yard and home as a viable and integral part of your residential landscaping design.

These greens are built with the same curves, slopes, and turns that you find on public fairways. You can have as much or as little challenge to the stroke as you personally feel necessary to improve your game. Natural ball roll is ensured through any number of turf types that are used to construct the greens themselves. Turf is finely knit, tufted, and densely packed with individual strands per square inch.

This enables your putting area to be used for repeated strokes from the same position without doing damage to the turf.

Home putting greens are also designed to be maintenance free. The resiliency of the fibers used to create these home courses prevents footprints and heal marks from forming on the surface. This maintains the aesthetic of your green while maintaining consistent putting speed at the same time.

You can also choose from four different options in turf that are available through Exterior Worlds.

  • Natural Premium Green
    This has the densest weave of nylon fibers per square yard of any turf options in the home putting green industry. It also bears the greatest similarity to natural grass and offers the greatest longevity to the experienced golfer who plans on practicing every day.
  • Recreational Backyard Green
    This is a great option for recreational Birdie practice. It is made with 48 ounces of tufted nylon per square yard and offers a reliable roll for casual putting.
  • Beginners Par
    This turf option is constructed on a thick foam pad base and a thick weave turf on top. It is intended for those who are new to the game and represents an affordable, reasonable investment for the beginning golfer.
  • Panel Supported Turf
    If you had a natural home putting green that has since become fallow and worn, panels can laid on top of it to support nylon turf that will restore the reliability of ball speed and roll. The interlocking panels are UV protected and weather resistant.

The underside grid is designed to give your feet cushion for a natural feel. A floating cup design ensures proper turf alignment regardless of weather. Each panel weighs only seven pounds can is easy to install and store. If you have a natural green in your yard that has lain fallow and is no longer usable, this is a great way to salvage the space and make it work like brand new once again.

Grass Fringe Borders
If you are concerned about how your home putting green will blend in with the remainder of your yard, you can have it bordered with nylon grass fringes that look and behave like natural grass. This is perfect for those of you who want to feel like you are out on a real golf course.

Accessory Options
If you so request, we can provide you with a variety of accessories such as cup reducing rings, contour pads, head alignment guides, ball marking devices, markers, and stroke blocks.