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The purpose of a home sports court is to give you and your family an alternative to crowds and sometimes costly fees at public sporting facilities.
You can play all the games you like in one single, customized outdoor sporting arena built just for you. You can use it to practice and relax your mind after a hard day’s work at the office or school. You can get your daily exercise while working on your cardiovascular health and building self-esteem through focused self-challenged or healthy competition.

The health and fitness benefits of a home sports court cannot be understated. Both individual sports and team sports will increase adrenalin, breathing, and heartbeat better than any treadmill. While it may be fun to run in Memorial Park, the traffic and heat, plus our busy schedules these days, often prevent us from hitting the trails as consistently as we would like to. Having an athletic facility in your own back yard, however, gives you immediate access to the much needed exercise your body needs.

Another thing to consider when looking into a home sports court is the personal safety factor of public areas. No city as large as ours has a public area that is 100 percent safe. Criminals often prey upon children and on older adults because they consider them easy targets. If you are a parent, or if you have an aging parent you are caring for, you might want to rethink turning them lose in any public area. What happens in your own back yard is much more easy to monitor, and is your best chance at personal safety, considering the odds.


Negatives aside, there is yet another positive benefit you can count on when you invest in a home sports court, and that is increased attraction factor for your outdoor gatherings and parties. Many of your relatives and friends may prefer to play a game of basketball or tennis rather than hang out by the pool or simply eat, drink, and talk. Offering multiple venues to a large group of people is a great way to ensure continued popularity for your home outdoor events.

Home sport courts are feature rich and built to last a decade or more. Court surfaces are made of a special material that has a spring like bounce to it known as “vertical give.” Unlike concrete, which can jar the bones in the feet and the ankles, our surfaces are designed to work with your vertical mobility and provide you with a measure of cushion when you land (or accidentally fall). If you have developing children or elderly family members, this is really the very best type of court they can ever play ball on.

Courts can be designed with rebounder systems that let you practice your game alone, just like shooting hoops by yourself. Even if you are all by yourself at the house, you can still get outside and play a game against yourself and still get your workout in.

Each court is also designed with safety and discreet operability in mind. Ball containment fencing is erected around the play area. This fencing is not a typical fence like you would normally visualize. Instead, it is made of a special netting material that is dark in colored and very flexible. It is ideal for catching stray tennis balls, baseballs, and even basketballs—and it is so unobtrusive you barely notice it is there.

Home sports court surfaces are also water resistant. You can hose them off any time they get dirty or full of plant debris. Rainfall will not damage them either; although you do need a professional landscaper to build your court with a drainage system that will provide quick and efficient water runoff (standing water is never good to have around because of mosquitoes).

Your landscaper can also make sure that the court is built according to all city codes and will take care of all necessary permits. Additionally, landscapers will check for buried utility lines, easements, and use extreme caution and tree preservation methods when building your home sport court. Courts are customized according to the number of games intended to be played on their surfaces, the size of the lot, and the proportions of home architecture.

The advantage to approaching design from this perspective is that you end up with an athletic facility that is top-notch in functionality and aesthetically harmonious your house and landscape design.