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Family Sports Court

What is a family sports court?
It is either a multi-sport gaming area, or a court dedicated to a specific game such as tennis, basketball, or volleyball. Most families opt for the multi-sport option, of course, because it gives them more exercise and entertainment options.

How do you build one court to accommodate so many different games?
If you think about it, most games involve boundary lines, goal lines, and netting. To build a court that allows for tennis and basketball, for example, simply involves painting the various lines for each respective game in different colors and positioning the basketball goals at appropriate locations. It may sound complicated, but it is not as hard as you think once you realize that many gyms use this very same concept.

Won’t stray balls be a nuisance to my neighbors?
No, because we build special netted fencing around every family sports court that catches stray balls. The color of the fencing is designed to minimize its own visibility, so it does not become an eyesore, but it still does its job.

Do you recommend home gaming areas over those in public facilities?
Yes. Our courts are custom-made to your particular interests and are build with the health of both children and older adults in mind. This is especially important to people with children, because even parks in the safest neighborhoods in Houston are typically unsupervised.

What about paying for my child to join a neighborhood sports club where there is supervision?
You can do that, but over time, you will spend more money than you will on a home court. Also, you do not always know who is supervising your children at such a club, or what other peer influences they may be subjected to.

With the court in your own back yard, you can invite other children over if you want your child to learn social skills, and you can still monitor the activities personally, yourself.


Are you saying that a family sports court is only for kids?
Not hardly. We have many clients who contract us to build an outdoor kitchen, several patios, a swimming pool, and a game court all in one master landscape plan. The reason they do this is to create multiple home entertainment venues for outdoor parties.

Can I choose a specific color for my family sports court?
Yes. We have 19 colors in total we can mix and match. We can also arrange for a custom color of your preference. Some clients want us to put their family name on their court like a logo. Others want us to put the name of their favorite ball team. Both are requests we can easily accommodate.

How long can I expect my family sports court to last?
It can last up to 15 years. The manufacturer has various warranty guarantees on the product which we can discuss with you in person during our client consultation process.

What type of concrete do you use to make these family sports courts?
We do not use concrete. We use special, modular flooring material that has been layered and pressed together. This material creates a very a firm surface that still offers a certain amount of vertical give. This provides a cushion for feet and ankles. This is much better than the concrete slabs kids play on in public parks. Also, older people who may not have the healthiest bones can still get their exercise on

Are there any dangerous chemicals used in the construction of court surfaces?
No. All materials used are environmentally friendly and bio friendly. Nothing toxic is used in the construction of our courts.

Will my court require a lot of expensive maintenance?
No. The modular flooring play surface is water resistant. It will easily withstand the seasonal and heavy rains we experience on the Gulf Coast. If it gets dirty, or covered with leaves, all you have to do is wash it off with a water hose. Leaf blowers and brooms can also be used to remove plant material from your game court.