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Basketball Sport Courts

Your home basketball sport courts® can be as large or as small as you like.

Court sizes on the small end of the spectrum are as compact as 25 feet wide X 45 feet long. The largest courts we design are those found in lots that measure several acres in size. These courts are larger than those used by NBA professionals. They measure 120 feet in length and 60 feet in width.

A variety of standard and custom dimensions are available to you within this range.

As overwhelming as the number of choices may appear, it is not difficult to choose the right court size for your yard of you work with aprofessional landscaping company. Consider also that NBA teams play on courts that measure 95 feet in length X 50 feet in width. Working with this frame of reference, your landscaper can develop a comprehensive landscape master plan that delineates all of your many landscape elements, including your home basketball sport court®.

The obvious nature of the relationships between all these forms will then be revealed, and an appropriate size can be deduced.

It is also good to honestly ask yourself if your family and children need a full-length basketball court. Children in school often play a game around a single goal and simply take the ball back past the three-point line after a turnover. Many public parks also have half-courts with a single goal.


If you have a smaller yard, and if your children are already accustomed to this, and if you do not anticipate having five person teams play all out games at your family events, it may be wiser to build a more compact half-court that aesthetically compliments a smaller yard.

Half-courts are also easier to customize aesthetically. While the side of the court where the goal is positioned is always a straight, linear edge, the opposite side of the court can be built in a radius to harmonize the surface with adjacent hardscape designs, patio seating areas, or custom garden designs.

Again, bringing in a landscaping company like Exterior Worlds to act as your general contractor in the construction of your basketball sport court ensures you will get a gaming area that looks every bit as good as it works.

Another option to keep in mind is multi-game design®. Our partner specialists can build courts with color coded boundary lines, special rebounder systems, net supports, and even soccer goals. This allows you to turn your basketball court into a tennis court, volleyball court, or soccer practice court at will. Even games like roller hockey can be played on such multi-court designs.

This is an option worth serious consideration if your personal passion is basketball, but if you have family and friends over regularly who prefer to play racquet games.

Finally, always keep your children foremost in mind if you are serious about a basketball sport court. If your children are old enough to play, but still having growth spurts, ask about adjustable goals that can be raised to age appropriate heights that will provide children with challenging—yet “makeable” shots at the net.