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Backyard Sports Courts

The best thing about backyard sports courts®, regardless of their size, is their ability to offer you a single multi-game surface for as many different sports as you wish to play. These courts are custom built to the wishes of the entire family and to the aesthetic and proportions of the landscape at large.

If your yard is large enough to support what we would normally think of as a full-sized court, then basketball and even soccer goals can be placed at either end of the court. Different zones and boundary lines for different games can then be painted on the surface, color coded to each game, all in their appropriate places.

However, not everyone in Houston has a large yard. Many homeowners in neighborhoods with single-story houses and small lots often worry that a backyard sport court will take up too much of their yard. This never has to be the case.

These gaming centers are meant to be customized as much to the environment they occupy as they are to the preferences of the athlete. Many small courts are built for tennis, for example, with a single basketball goal on one side of the court and a soccer goal attached in a convenient location to the sport court® rebounder.


When the parents get through with their tennis game, they can simply remove the net and the kids can play basketball around a single goal. It is easy for basketball players of all skill levels to adapt to having to take the ball back past the three point line when it changes hands.

Kids may not be able to play a full-court game of soccer on such a small court, but they can certainly have great fun, exercise, and valuable practice working on goal kicking and blocking. If your child is interested, we can even provide soccer training videos to make this practice aspect of the game as entertaining as the game itself.

Keep in mind that we never insist on providing a homeowner with a small gaming area. We simply caution people not to forget that everything on their landscape—including their backyard sport court®—is an element that exists in relationship to everything else.

It is better to adapt to something that works with the landscape than to force a design on the landscape that will diminish the aesthetic of your home and possibly the curb appeal of your entire residence.

Another advantage that backyard sport courts® offer to families is their universal friendliness to the feet of young and old alike. Unlike concrete and asphalt, the many surface options people can choose from all have one thing in common—the principle of vertical give.

This term, simply put, means that the court gives ever so slightly when a person runs or lands on it. This prevents sensitive or developing bones from being jarred and possibly damaged. Excellent traction reduces the traction of inadvertent slips and falls.

Backyard sport court® surfaces are intended to be low-maintenance by nature and to last for over a decade. Each court is water resistant and can be hosed off as well as swept with a broom. Surface materials themselves are nontoxic to humans, animals, and plant life.