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Multi Sports Courts

Multi sports courts® are becoming increasingly popular in Houston.
Healthy competition builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Exercise is good for people of any age. Supervised play allows children something fun to do under the watchful eye of parents without the worry of exposing them to the nefarious elements of a fragmented society.

Outdoor events are even more fun when a family can offer more than a meal, a drink, and a dip in the pool to family and friends. Superior court surfaces are much easier on the feet and ankles than the concrete used in public park facilities, and are therefore much healthier for developing children and aging adults to exercise on.

Multi sports courts® are gaming areas that are designed to allow you to play all of your favorite games on one multi-purpose surface. Every aspect of each chosen sport is carefully designed into master plan. Net positions for various games such as tennis and volleyball are calculated. Positions for basketball goals are determined. Boundary lines and goal lines are then color coded to designate the play zones of different games, much like you see in public gyms.

Multi sports courts® are by nature feature rich to accommodate the many demands people place upon them. In addition to the basics elements of each game, they are according to city code without disturbing utilities and easements. They are built with drainage systems that provide fast water runoff so the court surface doesn’t flood and become mosquito territory.


The surface of a multi sports court® is perhaps one of the most remarkable features it offers.
It is not made of asphalt or concrete, but instead is composed of modular flooring layers that are compacted with biofriendly and environmentally safe materials. It is sturdy and water resistant. Maintenance of the court is easy and inexpensive. A simple broom, leaf blower, or water hose can quickly remove any debris or plant material that accumulates on its surface.

Lighting is also bundled into the project as part of the court assembly cost. Lighting is important regardless of whether or not you intend to play at night. Humans are actually more vulnerable to injury at dawn and sunset—the two times in Houston when it is actually cool enough to play a game of tennis or basketball outside! Proper lighting ensures optimal visibility for safe play even during these times of day.

Multi sports courts® can only add to the attraction factor of a residence. Not only are they impeccably constructed by leading experts in athletic facility construction, but they are customizable to the preferences of the homeowner and the immediate environment they occupy.

We build these courts to blend harmoniously with other landscape elements like swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, gardens, and custom patios. The size of the court is proportional to the of the home and the yard, and the game court itself can be rendered highly personalize by placing the family name, or the name of one’s favorite team, as a logo on the surface.

You can also visit the national manufacture at www.sportcourt.com or Texas supplier at www.sportcourt-texas.com.