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Since 1987, Exterior Worlds has specialized in high-end landscape design, development, implementation and landscape maintenance. By working hard to improve our clients’ quality of life, we have become recognized as one of Houston’s finest and most creative landscape firms. Our firm focuses on a variety of design elements and construction techniques, all of which are geared to enhance the beauty of the property while inspiring thought, creativity and enjoyment. Our unique and memorable landscapes can be seen in Memorial Villages, River Oaks, Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village, Hunter Creek Village, Hedwig Village, West University, Tanglewood and Bellaire.

In the initial consultation, the Exterior Worlds’ staff works diligently to help clients define the scope of work, phasing, overall project coordination and budget. The next phase may include conceptual design, design development and final cost proposals. In this phase and during the installation, Exterior Worlds serves as general contractor and may subcontract related installation work such as drainage systems, outdoor water fountains and luxury swimming pools, outdoor kitchens or landscape lighting. Finally, Exterior World’s landscape services provide ongoing maintenance and yard care. Refer to our archive of articles for more details on landscape maintenance services, plantings, tree preservation and related landscape topics.

As professionals in our field, we believe good relationships with our clients are as important as the services we deliver. Integrity, in our client relations and in our corporate services, is one of the cornerstones of our firm.

Robert Irwin, the landscape architect of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, said: “…maybe the world is an art form [and] the gardening of our universe” reveals our participation in that work of art.

For more the 20 years Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston’s fine neighborhoods.

Fiber Optic Pools Lend Curb Appeal to Homes

A fiber optic pool offers more opportunities for special effects due to the nature of the lights within its interior. The lights themselves are the safest of underwater lights. A greater diversity of color and form is also possible when illuminating swimming pools with fiber optics. Decorative options range from bright borders just under the pool coping, to specific colors of the rainbow, to the emulation of stars in the

Custom Swimming Pool and Fiber Optic Stars

Fiber optic stars are lighting effects created by tiny cables connected to a remote electrical source. They are the safest lights to use in a swimming pool because they do not bring electricity into contact with water. They also produce the most amazing special effects. Each cable can display a different color of light, including pure white light. Because controller is capable of illuminating both individual cables, as well as

Pool Restoration

Swimming pool restoration is not as extensive as swimming pool renovation. It is a more superficial remake of surfaces and finishes. By superficial we do not mean that it lacks significance in the grand scheme of landscape design. On the contrary, swimming pool restoration is of vital importance because it maintains the beauty of one of the most significant focal points in the backyard landscape. The intent here is to

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Outdoor swimming pool design is one of the most exciting and fulfilling aspects of landscape architecture. When guests come to visit, they almost always want to go to the pool. Regardless of whether they intend to actually swim, lay out, or gather for conversation on the patio, it is absolutely necessary to get this part of the landscape done professional and correctly. Because it functions as an almost immediate extension

Lagoon Pool Designs

Sometimes, in a natural setting, we want every structure to look as much a part of Nature as can be reasonably expected from something built by man. This can be a challenge with certain landscape elements such as swimming pools which are by nature artificial environments. While the nature of the thing itself cannot be changed in such an instance, its proportions and appearance can be. In the case of

Landscape Pool Design

The first thing to consider in landscape pool design is the size and shape of the pool. It must be constructed in the complex of a larger and more comprehensive landscape master plan. The geometry of the pool should complement the architecture of the home. It should also tie in with other hardscape elements, outdoor architecture, and garden landscape designs. Your Houston landscape designer should be the first person you

Backyard Pool Design

Nothing adds new character and curb appeal to a property quite like backyard pool design does. It gives homeowners and guests a focal point for outdoor entertainment, and it adds curb appeal to your home. Adding a pool can often be the first element in a residential landscape design plan that can take an otherwise unwanted or overlooked yard and become a whole new world of outdoor living as its

Swimming Pool Coping

Pool coping is a masonry product that sits on top of the pool beam structure. It sits partly on the edge of the swimming pool shell, and it rises above the patio or deck. It is also one of the most important structures in swimming pool design because it provides transitional space between the patio proper and the surface of the water. People like to sit on pool coping and

Pool Design Ideas

Pool design ideas are something you need to take the time to look into. Regardless of whether you are using online sources, print sources, or driving around, never go for anything cheap or passé. A swimming pool will literally make or break the curb appeal of a home. Nothing will destroy a backyard landscape quicker than a generic swimming pool design. Forget about those “luxury” pools as many people like

Linear Pool Designs

Linear pool designs can be integrated into a variety of Houston landscaping plans. Linearity is an integral element of classical, formal, modern, and contemporary design. Any home that features a strong preference for clear lines and sharp angles can be enhanced with a linear swimming pool. Many landscape features that function as aesthetic anchor points to the various styles of landscaping we do can also work in conjunction with a