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Custom Swimming Pool and Fiber Optic Stars

Fiber optic stars are lighting effects created by tiny cables connected to a remote electrical source. They are the safest lights to use in a swimming pool because they do not bring electricity into contact with water. They also produce the most amazing special effects.

Each cable can display a different color of light, including pure white light. Because controller is capable of illuminating both individual cables, as well as entire groups of cables, there are well over a thousand possible spectral effects that you can have in a custom swimming pool and in the ceiling of your swimming pool house.

Fiber optic star lights are quite possibly the most popular effect that you can achieve with these sophisticated cables. Stars hold a universal attraction for people. Capturing the essence of the night sky and transferring it to your swimming pool design and a major element of Houston landscape architecture is a sure way to significantly improve the curb appeal of your property.

It is possible to cluster fiber optic stars together in groupings that imitate the patterns of stars in space. When we look up at night, we see all manner of star groupings that capture our imaginations when we look into the void. There are constellations, nebula, and exceptionally bright stars that dominate the other points of light around them.


These same patterns can be integrated into the walls and bottom of a swimming pool. On clear summer nights, it looks like the pool itself is reflecting the sky. In reality, artificial lights that clearly show the locations of walls and pool flooring produce this effect, but the imitative factor is so superb that it appears almost perfectly natural when the lights are adjusted just right.

Fiber optic stars can continue this theme into the swimming pool house that overlooks the pool patio. When decorating the interior of a building with these lights, it is common practice to install them in the ceiling. They can also be installed in the walls, or even in the flooring of the structure, but this has to be planned out professionally to avoid overdoing the special effects.

The colors of suns in space vary from yellow, like our own sun, to white, red, blue, and blue white. If you want to be true to your astronomy, you will have to forego the use of green fiber optic stars because there are no green suns. However, the other colors that are clearly evident even without a telescope give you more than enough spectral diversity to entertain your guests.

One of the things you can expect to gain from this type of swimming pool lighting system is an ideal blend of safety and aesthetic customization. In areas of the pool where people need to be careful, lights can be brightened for safety without diminishing the attraction factor of the display. Fiber optic stars can shine steady like planets and nearby stars, or they can twinkle like distant stars that shimmer behind vast clouds of gas.

With such a swimming pool lighting system, you will literally be able to recreate a mirror image of the universe in your own back yard.