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Fiber Optic Pools Lend Curb Appeal to Homes

A fiber optic pool offers more opportunities for special effects due to the nature of the lights within its interior. The lights themselves are the safest of underwater lights. A greater diversity of color and form is also possible when illuminating swimming pools with fiber optics. Decorative options range from bright borders just under the pool coping, to specific colors of the rainbow, to the emulation of stars in the night sky.

Fiber optic cables are the safest kind of lights to use in swimming pool lighting. Contractors install them in pool walls by the hundreds, if not by the thousands. These cables do not actually create the light they emit; they carry it from a remote electrical power source that produces it. Because there is no electrical wiring of any kind present in a fiber optic pool, there is no risk of short circuit or electrical shock.

The nature of the fiber optic cables themselves also allows for a higher level of special effects than you could expect from standard underwater pool lights. The control unit can be programmed to turn the light in each cable either on or off. By manipulating entire groups of cables, along with individual cables in places, multiple geometric shapes, and thousands of color combinations, can be created.

The colors of light that cables produce in a fiber optic pool allow for an even greater diversity of special effects options. People with highly customized Houston landscaping plans may deliberately avoid the use of white light all together.


Only two or three primary colors may be placed in a luxury pool, or in a spa pool combination that create dazzling displays of bright red, dark blue, or vibrant green. These colors can then tie in with garden vegetation, landscape architecture, and the colors of outdoor decorations.

Other people want their swimming pools to stand out brilliantly as something noticeably unique. White light may be the very best choice for these swimming pool designs. White can be the only color in a pool, or it can be the primary color that is accented in places by shades of pink, rose, blue, green, or amber.

Lights in a fiber optic pool can be placed anywhere along its edge, underwater walls, or along its bottom. Concentrating light output in different sections of the pool can fulfill both functional and decorative purposes. Entire sections of the pool can be set aside for children, relaxation, games, or exercise can be illuminated with different patterns and colors of light.

One of the most popular special effects among Houston landscaping clients is the star pool design. This involves choosing lights that imitate the colors of stars in our galaxies. There are no green stars, but there are red, orange, blue, blue white, yellow, yellowish, and white stars scattered throughout space.

Fiber optic pools that are decorated to reflect the night sky can be built that will emulate clusters of stars, nebula, and the great band of the central Milky Way itself. Even the twinkling of stars can be emulated by the control device, and constant, brighter points of light can be placed in the pool to emulate the planets of our solar system.