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Swimming Pool Fiber Optic Lighting

Swimming pool fiber optic lighting is the most versatile and sophisticated form of pool lighting. It is capable of generating any color imaginable from a single, originating source of light. It is also capable of producing more special effects than any other type of underwater lighting. Because the cables transmit only light, there is no heat and no electrical current transferred to the water. This also makes optical cable the safest, and most efficient, light source to use in a swimming pool.

It is important to look beyond the pool itself to understand just how important effectively lighting is to the property as a whole. Houston landscaping plans are customized to the homes they surround. The elements that compose these plans must be properly illuminated by a variety of landscape lights in order to be clearly seen. Major landscape elements, such as swimming pools, courtyards, and gardens, are very important to establishing the theme and tone of outdoor lighting.

With so many colors and effects possible, swimming pool fiber optic lighting offers more opportunities for decorative outdoor lighting than any type of light. Because each cable is capable of transmitting an individual color, swimming pool designers can configure the system to accent the water with several different colors. These colors can then be repeated in lighting designs around a number of other landscape elements throughout the yard. The curb appeal of the entire yard is enhanced as a result.


A greater number of special effects are also possible with swimming pool fiber optic lighting. A timer built into the controller can operate a flywheel that interrupts the distribution of light through the cables. Blocking certain colors for specific amounts of time will create the appearance of a pool that changes color at regular intervals. This is commonly done in five star resorts around the world, where pool lights feature exotic greens, purples, blues, and reds that alternate at different intervals.

Other special effects are also possible with swimming pool fiber optic lighting. One of the more popular designs that have received a great deal of attention in recent years is the star pool effect. This involves installing cables in the walls and the bottom of a pool. The ends are pointing from within the solid surface, shining light into the water like tiny stars. Everything from the true color of stars to their arrangements in clusters and constellations can be emulated with this design.

Swimming pool fiber optic lighting can also be considered a form of safety lighting. Optical cables are light transmitters; they are not light fixtures in the sense that other underwater lights are classified. While it is true that any underwater lighting fixture is waterproof, there remains a possibility that a malfunctioning light could send a current into the water. This will never happen with optical cables because there is no electricity being conducted through the cables themselves.

Also, light itself is heatless, so swimming pool fiber optic lights are the only true heat free form of underwater lighting. Installing them in a Houston pool will make it much easier to control during hot summer nights when temperatures remain high well after sundown.