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Illuminate Your Pool with Fiber Optic Star Lights

The investment placed in swimming pool renovation carries a much higher potential for financial return if the renovation involves a new swimming pool lighting system. One of the most popular new forms of pool lighting that has recently emerged on the scene is fiber optic star lights.

These small fiber optic filaments are installed directly into the bottom and the sides of a pool. The ends of these filaments are illuminated, creating a star field effect that is clearly visible from a seated position above the surface of the water.

The fiber optic system is linked to a controller which operates the mechanics of the lighting itself. Brightness, constancy, and optional twinkling effects can be programmed into the star field to cause it to emulate our own Milky Way Galaxy in every respect.

The fiber optic star light controller is also programmed with color wheel functionality. Individual strands are hard wired to create specific primary and secondary colors.

The controller can then activate unique, preprogrammed combinations of colors to generate the same colors we see through telescopes looking out into space. The familiar yellow, reds, and blues can also be punctuated by brighter whites and oranges.

Contrary to some misconceptions regarding astronomy, there are no green stars in space. If you want to be true to nature, avoid green lights for maximum results.

Also, simply by manipulating a handful of basic colors, the controller can cause fiber optic star lights to generate over a thousand unique color patterns to generate specific emotional states that correspond to different occasions and to different types of events.


The inclusion of these specialty pool lights as a component of pool renovation has both aesthetic and practical benefit. On an aesthetic level, it magnifies the significance of a custom pool with an unmistakable, decorative touch.

Fiber optic star lights also link the pool, and the architecture of the house it is based on, to the night sky. Remember, custom pool design is based on home architecture, so linking one element to another form by default ties all the forms together.

A swimming pool with underwater lights is also much safer than a pool with dim lighting, or with no underwater lighting at all. Diving into a dark pool can be dangerous because the diver cannot clearly discern where the bottom is located.

An underwater star field is one of the best tools of marking pool wall boundaries and denoting the location of the bottom. Anyone swimming at night can clearly see where he or she is going, and how deep the water is at any particular point along the side of the pool.

As impressive as they are, fiber optic star lights are more subtle than many of the brighter, emerging LED pool lights that are now beginning to rival halogen lights in their intensity. The installation of an underwater star field will definitely bring attention to the pool, but the more low key nature of the pool lighting may provide a more suitable blend with other landscape lights.

This improves the value of the entire property by offering a future, prospective homebuyer something that is very unique, but that avoids overpowering surrounding landscape elements.