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Sunken Pools add Dimension to the Backyard Landscape

A sunken pool adds dimension to the backyard landscape. When the top of the water is actually below the grade of the yard, it appears special and set apart. This effect can be achieved by building a retaining wall that sharply drops the grade around the pool patio.

Many luxury homes actually have these pools as part of the eclectic design of a contemporary indoor room. Exterior Worlds does not build pools inside of homes. However, we do construct sophisticated outdoor rooms. If you are interested in modern landscaping, contemporary landscape design, orluxury landscape architecture, this may be a style that would add significant curb appeal to your property.


One thing that such a custom pool design will definitely contribute to your backyard landscape is a sense of order and system. Sunken pools are renowned for their symmetry. Basic geometrical shapes are readily apparent in their designs. Some are rectangular forms that compliment the linear movement of the house. If the house is a contemporary structure that features multiple linear sections, the sunken effect adds dimension to architecture as well as to the landscape itself.

Other sunken pools are perfect circles residing at the center of a round patio. Either stone or concrete can be used to build this patio, and radii can emanate from the circle of the water outward to the patio’s edge. The pool water itself can be protected from rain water pollution by concealed drains built into the patio and around the edge of the coping.

Still another popular design is the L-shaped design. We often associate L-shaped pools with luxury resorts in tropical areas. It is true that this is a standard luxury design motif. At the same time, we can also classify this style as very modern as well. If you pause to look at many of the five star hotels in the tropics, you will notice that their architecture is very modern and features strong lines and sharp angles.

A pool with an L-shaped not only reinforces this type of architecture, but it adds a third dimension in the form of the steep drop-off that plunges to the water’s edge.

One of the key attributes of the sunken pools that we design is comfort in spite of the appearance of sharp contrast. The drop off to the water is never as severe as it appears. This would be not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe.

However, special patio design methods allow us to create the illusion of a sheer drop to the water often with only a few inches of actual space. The trick is to design the pool with just the right dimensions to begin with so that it will appear as though it has always belonged with your house and other landscape features.

It is also necessary to build sunken pools with the very best materials, and to use a blend of shades and even colors in the hardscapes design. This way, the sense that the water is significantly lower than the rest of the landscape can be achieved through contrast as it is through literal, spatial descent.