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A custom swimming pool sets the stage for the true enjoyment of outdoor living, especially in the Houston climate. Swimming pool designers are one of the stage managers to help make your dream setting, however simple or elaborate, a reality.

If your dream entails creating a private oasis in your backyard, swimming pool designers, in conjunction with a project design specialist, can set the scene with luscious greenery and a suitable privacy fence, perhaps enlivened with antique wrought iron decorative touches. Or maybe you want a sumptuous entertainment area. If so, then perhaps your design specialists can include a flagstone patio, retaining wall that doubles as seating, an outdoor fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen around your poolscape. The list of landscape possibilities is exciting and nearly endless. Following are the main steps involved in working with project design specialists A swimming pool fountain adds movement and vitality to the surface of the pool.

As it rises up into the night, the illuminated column of water creates a focal point of dynamic sight and sound. The movement of the fountain adds to the sensation of swimming, and the pool from a distance looks surreal and larger than life.

Such a focal point can be the very centerpiece of outdoor living.
Underwater lighting has become very sophisticated, incredibly cost effective, and 100 percent safe to install. The advantages of using a column of water or even multiple columns of water, as focal points are obvious. Water is the foundational element to life, so it conveys this same sense of foundation to the design of the landscape proper.

Swimming pool fountains set a mood that compliments both the occasion and the surroundings, every time.
Flowing water has a tranquilizing effect on the mind’s sense of time. People can feel more in the moment, so to speak, when they listen to the sound of running water. Water’s fluidity also makes it dreamlike in a sense, which can create a very necessary shift in consciousness for those seeking relief from the stress of high-pressure jobs and the demands of daily living.


The sight of such a fountain has no less of an impact on the mind than its sounds.
Multi-tiered fountains, for example, can be built to look like familiar forms. The geometry of the form, combined with the sparkling effect of the water, makes an ordinary image look extraordinary to the senses. Even in daylight, in the absence of underwater lights, the reflection of natural light tends to have this effect.

Many online sources offer cheap swimming pool fountains to add to existing pools.
This is not recommended for a variety of reasons. For one thing, as the fountain wears, the motor often becomes clearly audible and creates a distraction from the sound of the water. Cheaper fountains are not always easy to clean, either, and they do not hold up to the test of time. Most importantly, an add-on to the pool clearly looks like an add-on and diminishes the fine work of custom design and careful construction that went into its creation.

For people who count on the look of their landscape to create an experience their guests will remember, the only reasonable course of action is to have a swimming pool fountain designed by the landscaper. After all, the landscaper is the same professional who handles their hardscapes, gardens, and trees, and he or she knows how to make the pool and fountain aesthetically with these other elements.

If a swimming pool fountain is being added to an existing pool, Exterior Worlds can redesign the basic shape and geometry of the pool to accommodate the new feature.
We supervise the labor on a pool remodel. This ensures that the fountain will be in the proper scale and proportion to the rest of the pool, patio, and landscape design to properly function as a focal point.

If the pool is a new construction, the fountain can be specified as part of its design and delegated to the pool contractor for actual building.