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Fiber Optic Waterfall

A fiber optic waterfall is one of the more unique water features you can have as part of your Houston landscaping plan. By combining an archetypal landscape element with the most sophisticated form of lighting technology to date, you can enhance your property with a lasting curb appeal that will dazzle your neighbors and attract guests to your outdoor events. Each waterfall is custom built by Exterior Worlds to lend its own unique aesthetic to theHouston landscaping plan as a whole. Illuminating the waterfall is done with a variety of techniques that magnify its individual characteristics in proper relationship to your home and surrounding landscape elements.

One of the biggest advantages that a fiber optic waterfall offers is the ability to illuminate the entirety of the falls. This is almost impossible with other types of light. When lighting any water feature with LEDs or halogens, there is always the need to use very expensive waterproof fixtures that must be meticulously positioned in order to light as much of the water as possible. This is not necessary with optical cables because they can be positioned anywhere. There is no limit on how many can be installed, either, provided they remain concealed from the viewer’s line of sight.

Different colors can be created in a fiber optic waterfall by a controller that runs the illuminator. A flywheel rotates across the halogen light source at programmed, timed intervals. Colored lenses filter the light before it passes through the cable. This allows for any color or combination of colors to shine out of the water as it flows over the rocks. Illumination blends with the water to such an extent that the falls look like they are made of light just as much as they are made of water.


Fiber optic waterfalls are typically part of larger aquatic elements. They are common in natural ponds, natural streams, and garden ponds where vertical impact is needed to compliment the trees and shrubs that surround the pond. Another benefit that you can expect from using optical cable is a uniform distribution of luminance throughout the stream or pond that the falls pour into. Cables can be positioned at the bottom of the pond, and around its edges, to help define the geometry of the pool with a soft boundary that looks much better than the amorphous shadows that typically cling to the edges of water at night.

This effect is even more pronounced if a fiber optic waterfall plunges down over a series of rocks into an artificial stream that runs through a tropical garden. The colors of the light can change along the course of the stream, which in turn give special emphasis to walkways, shrubs, ornamental flowering plants, and trees that grow in the garden. Cables can also be embedded in the spaces between rocks to create a mystical aura around them. For Houston landscaping clients with a passion for the luxury of the tropics, this is by far the best type of outdoor lighting to invest in.