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Fiber Optic Star Lighting

Fiber optic star lighting is one of the most popular special effects that can be created with a fiber optic lighting system. The ends of cables are installed flush with surface areas at the time of construction. A control unit powers a halogen lamp and a flywheel which sends alternating colors through the cables. The control unit can also be programmed to block and unblock light at rapid intervals that emulate the twinkling of red, blue, yellow, and blue white stars in space.

To make these effects as realistic as possible, it is necessary to carefully plan the system in every detail. The cables must be treated as essential construction elements from the beginning stages of the design process. Knowledge of hardscape design and landscape architecture is essential to developing a truly impressive lighting array.


Houston landscaping professionals from Exterior Worlds have the necessary blend of skills to do exactly that. With meticulous coordination of both structure and aesthetics, we can effectively integrate fiber optic star lighting into any structure we build. We can also ensure top quality work by bringing in outdoor fiber optic lighting specialists who will assist us in the creation of these unique, sophisticated Houston landscaping elements.

This team of professionals works as part of our team and brings their expertise in interior design into the realm of outdoor building construction. Star floors, and star ceilings, as they are called very popular types of accent lighting in custom home floors and ceilings. Because our company specializes in the construction of outdoor living spaces that rival those of home interiors, we have developed a new application for star field emulation in a number of places many would have never considered them possible to install.

One of these places is the ceiling of an outdoor kitchen or a pool house. Both offer a number of surface areas where fiber optic star lighting will look superb. In summer kitchens, the floor in the kitchen itself, as well as the ceiling, can be illuminated with star field emulation. In a swimming pool house, kitchenette areas, as well as ceilings and walls, can be decorated with optical cables that make visiting guests feel like they are sleeping beside the pool under the stars.

Another ideal place to install fiber optic star lighting is on hardscapes in special areas of interest. These include private courtyards, entry gardens, garden patios, and garden walkways. The cables are run up through the surface of the hardscape much like threads. The light shining out of their ends makes it appear as those stars have fallen from the sky and embedded themselves at the feet of visiting guests.

It has also become more common for our clients to request fiber optic star lighting for their swimming pools. The emulation of the nighttime sky, transposed in an underwater setting, blends fundamental archetypal symbols of stars, light, and water into an expression that appears truly magical. Not only does the effects it creates look true to life, but it also produces more than enough luminance for people swimming at night to clearly judge the depth of the water they are diving into.