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A Fiber Optic Lighting System Brings Long-Term Return on Investm

An entire fiber optic lighting system can be run off of a single light source. The lamp generates luminance which is passed through cables to different landscape elements. Because only light is transmitted through the cables, they are neither hot to the touch nor electrically charged. This makes them safe to install in bodies of water, such as swimming pools and waterfalls, as well as in gardens, trees, and shrubs. Houston landscaping specialists can also design decks, walkways, and patios with fiber optic cables built into the surface of the structure.

The initial cost of installing outdoor fiber optic lights may appear daunting to those who have already allocated certain dollar amounts to various elements of their Houston landscaping plan. The thought of investing an admittedly larger amount of money in landscape lighting may feel a bit intimidating at first. However, when homeowners are made aware of the many benefits that this very sophisticated new technology has to offer, they quickly see the many returns on investment that it is able to bring.

Aesthetically speaking, there simply is no surpassing the quality of a fiber optic lighting system. It is capable of generating any level of necessary luminance for visibility. In addition to that, it far exceeds the capabilities of standard lighting systems in the generation of special effects. This is because the controller which operates the lamp also operates a color flywheel that changes basic white light into a full spectrum of primary and secondary colors. These colors can then be piped through the cables to generate fields of exotic light, rainbows of mixed spectrums, and even simulated star fields.


Homeowners who are serious about improving the curb appeal of their home should give serious consideration to investing in a fiber optic lighting system as a key element to making the full value of their home stand out. Even if there are no plans to sell the home in the near future, it is good, sound investment sense to improve its resale value as a long-term investment that may one day generate a hard-earned, much deserved windfall.

Practically speaking, there are other advantages to fiber optic lighting systems that also offer a tangible return on investment. The biggest return comes in the form of reduced operating costs. With only a single lamp to power an entire array of cables, far less electricity is used than would otherwise be needed to power an entire Houston landscape lighting system. Cables run off of a single controller can do everything from light the swimming pool, illuminate a patio surface with special effects, and add dimension and depth to an organic tree wall lit from within by cables concealed in the branches and leaves.

Replacements costs are also lowered when Houston landscaping clients choose to have a fiber optic lighting system installed in the yard. With only a single, energy-efficient halogen to operate the entire system, a single replacement is all that is necessary to get the system back up and running again.